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20.07.2018, The Oz Report
I completed 120 pages of documents just for the insurance part of
the competitions that we have organized
And we are forever grateful to be able to follow the original work
done by Larry Bunner for the Midwest 2017 competition. Here is the required bid
information for a Category 1 competition. You have until September 1st to fill
this out... mehr
20.07.2018, The Oz Report
Elena writes:
CIVL invites competition organizers to send bids for FAI Category
1 events taking place in 2020 and 2021.
Currently, bidding is open for:
2020 - Pan-American PG XC.
2020 - European HG Class 1 XC.
2020 - Asian PG Accuracy.
2020 - World HG Class 2, 5, Sport, Women.
Deadline for 2020 bids is 1 September 2018.
2021 - World PG XC.
2021... mehr
20.07.2018, The Oz Report

15th FAI European Paragliding Championship - 2018 Thursday 19th
July: Competition Day 2
After inclement weather led to the cancelling of the first day’s task, fortunes
changed on the second competition day for the organizers, when the Meet Director
and his team decided to convene... mehr
19.07.2018, The Oz Report
Hang Gliding Europeans Class 1 Live tracking:
2D/3D SPLIT beta:
Two Flymaster trackers quit broadcasting so those pilots weren't scoring
originally, but now they have been. Grant Crossingham is now in second place:

Nat... mehr
19.07.2018, The Oz Report
I sent his email out today:
From: Davis Straub
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 7:40 PM
Stephane Malbos;
Elena CIVL;
Jamie Shelden;
Mitchell Shipley;
Flavio Tebaldi;
Subject: Re: Local Regulations for the pre-Worlds?
Having received no answers nor any indication that there would be
an answer I am forced to ask:
What... mehr
19.07.2018, The Oz Report
We have heard the rumor that now there are lots of issues with the
tracklogs and similar GPSes showing pilots missing the turnpoints by 100 to 200
meters. And there were a lot of "turnpoints" today, an amazing task call, unlike
any I have ever seen. Perhaps it overtaxed our "fragile" system. Hopefully we
will get more than rumors.It appears... mehr
18.07.2018, The Oz Report
18.07.2018, The Oz Report
18.07.2018, The Oz Report
With a 30 kilometer radius turnpoint cylinder, if you add the half
percent error band to the cylinder (150 meters) you gain twenty seconds by
turning earlier assuming that you are flying at 33.55 mph, or 15 meters/second.
With an error band of 0.05% you save two seconds.With a 400 meter radius turnpoint cylinder, if you add the half percent... mehr
18.07.2018, The Oz Report
18.07.2018, The Oz Report
Hang Gliding Europeans Class 1 Live tracking:
2D/3D SPLIT beta:

Petr Benes down early. Alex Ploner out in the lead with Tom Weissenberger at
3:30 PM.
Alex out in front landed just before goal after a valiant effort. Tom
Weissenberger... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
GPS/INS is commonly used on aircraft for navigation purposes.
Using GPS/INS allows for smoother position and velocity estimates that can be
provided at a sampling rate faster than the GPS receiver. This also allows for
accurate estimation of the aircraft attitude (roll, pitch, and yaw) angles.
A post from... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report

Found 1100 fpm. A personal best.

Stewart Midwinter <<stewart>>
Dale Regehr flew 422 kilometers in just over five hours on a Moyes
RS3.5. That's an average speed of over 80 km/h. This is the longest hang glider
flight ever made in Canada,... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
Gregg Ludwig <<GreggLudwig>>
I’m now aerotowing with a new Mustang3 K20 from North Wing. It was
fun spending some time with Kamron Blevins at Sun ‘n Fun and Quest Air
Nationals. He set me up with a quick build and delivery of this wing that we
flew at Refugio all week.
It does offer better controllability with... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
I didn't find any local regulations here. The CIVL Sporting Code states:
6.3. Approval and Publication
The Local Regulations shall be approved by CIVL and not subsequently changed,
except under the conditions stated below. In the approval process for the Local
Regulations, CIVL... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
Because Flymaster trackers are now used for Live Tracking and
scoring purposes in Category 1 competitions (at least) we propose the following
changes to the CIVL Sporting Code re the use of GPSes by the pilots. This allows
for the pilot to use their own flight instrument with equal standing to the
Flymaster trackers. Registration of their... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
The Flymaster tracker track for Roland Wöhrle task 6, 2nd
waypoint, shows him short of the cylinder:

But apparently as he was scored making the turnpoint. Perhaps his flight instrument
showed him getting the turnpoint. Perhaps this track log was within the error band. mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report

Story found here:
We were shortly after the start, under a line of cumulus, in
convergence, at 2500 meters towards the first turn point, when the
constant "beep beep" of the vario (0.5 ÷ 1 M / s) gently became more frequent,
so I decided to turn and climb the last 100... mehr
17.07.2018, The Oz Report
Matt Cone <<mauieagle>>
We have an eBay auction up for an Oudie and it only has a couple
days left. The last time we did it we made $800.
Here is the link:
The US Open of Paragliding is conducting a fundraiser to support two charities... mehr
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