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03.04.2020, The Oz Report
Tonight "Safer at Home" starts in Florida. We don't quite know all
the ramification of this sort of "Shelter in Place" program. Having now read the
governor's order, we are an essential activity.
Section 3. Essential Activities
A. For purposes of this Order and the conduct it limits, "essential activities"
means and encompasses the... mehr
03.04.2020, The Oz Report
Section 3. Essential Activities
A. For purposes of this Order and the conduct it limits, "essential activities"
means and encompasses the following:
I. Attending religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses of worship; and
II. Participating in recreational... mehr
01.04.2020, The Oz Report

A chart from Syride shows how the French and international flying
scenes have crashed since the coronavirus lockdown started.
With most pilots unable to fly because of lockdown, activity in the paragliding
world has almost ceased completely.
The big peaks are the early weekend flying activity in early March. Orange is
the whole world, blue... mehr
01.04.2020, The Oz Report
01.04.2020, The Oz Report
01.04.2020, The Oz Report
Although all parties within the organising committee (COPROJ)
tried to stay optimistic, the Covid-19 pandemic is ruling out the competition
that should have been the test event for the 2021 World PG XC Championships, in
Chamoussey,... mehr
31.03.2020, The Oz Report
Christian Ciech writes:
Icaro will try to produce masks. Tomorrow we should receive the
fabric-non-fabric and we will make the first samples for the approbation from
the University of Milan. Then we will start the production. They are going be
washable masks for multiple use. Our production can't be that big.In the meantime we already ordered... mehr
31.03.2020, The Oz Report
Keeping with our regime of social distancing we called an out and
return task south to the Fantasy of Flight thereby eliminating (hopefully)
putting pilots together in a retrieval vehicle.The forecast was for light winds but few if any cu's. The cu forecast was much
better than the two previous days, but there was still this layer of dry air... mehr
31.03.2020, The Oz Report
Felix Cantesanu <<ctsfelix>>

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var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) { embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.*... mehr
31.03.2020, The Oz Report
Gregg Ludwig <<gregg.ludwig.cfi>>
Aerotow tug pilots were just issued relief from the the FAA with
pilot medical renewals. "The Notice states that from March 31, 2020 to June 30,
2020, the FAA will not take legal enforcement action against any person serving
as a required pilot flight crew member or flight engineer who... mehr
31.03.2020, The Oz Report
Johnny Carr writes:
I have had a few low saves over the many years of hang gliding but
this is the only one with a camera on the glider. I managed to claw my way back
up and flew a reasonable cross country flight.

var embed_##='';
var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.*... mehr
30.03.2020, The Oz Report
Stephan Mentler <<stephmet>>
Just heard from Christian Ciech that an older Italian National
Team pilot, Stefano Bricoli, succumbed to Covid-19. He was 74. mehr
30.03.2020, The Oz Report
Belinda has sent out all the refunds for the 2020 World
Championships, the 2020 Paradise Airsports and Wilotree Nationals other than
three cases that require more information to allow the transfer to occur.Everyone gets their money back in full. We absorb the banking fees required to
send out the money.So far the 2020 Pan-American... mehr
30.03.2020, The Oz Report
Joerg Ewald writes:
Updates for 6020/Competino+, 6030/Compeo+ and Motor+
The world is almost at a standstill, it is unclear when we can take to the air
again. So now is a probably good time to update our equipment, for example with
the latest version of the software for the vario classics from Flytec and
We have been asked to... mehr
30.03.2020, The Oz Report
Patrick Kruse writes:
We had a good day on Pine last weekend, the first day of spring,
made it to 9100 feet and Charlie Baughman got to 9900'. Only got stuck in the
snow on the way from launch for about 45 minutes, snow was a bit deep for the
Subaru. mehr
28.03.2020, The Oz Report
28.03.2020, The Oz Report
Your behavior threatens my life. My behavior threatens your life.
We are asked to do something that should be very simple, stand at least 6 feet
apart. I prefer 10' to 12'.
None the less I see people who continually stand or sit close to each other and
close to multiple others. This is crazy behavior. Do people not realize that we
are... mehr
28.03.2020, The Oz Report
We very much appreciate the opportunity to continue to fly here at
Wilotree Park and at the same time to keep our distance from other people and
pilots. This evening I asked our driver to please stay 6' away from anyone here.
I felt uncomfortable asking him to model appropriate behavior.
Belinda and I have been keeping our distance from... mehr
27.03.2020, The Oz Report

Kinsley Sykes writes:
This looks like the seabreeze fronts running into each other.
Assume there's good lift in the convergence? This is the 7:00 pm wind image from
Indeed there would be very good lift in the convergence line. mehr
26.03.2020, The Oz Report
Special thanks to Tulio Gervasoni from Italy. Hard to imagine how
things are going there. mehr
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