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07.08.2020, The Oz Report

With its parents. Thanks to Connie Bailey at Wilotree Park. mehr
06.08.2020, The Oz Report
We are awaiting the details. South to Homer, Illinois on Tuesday.
06.08.2020, The Oz Report
Strong wind. mehr
06.08.2020, The Oz Report

In September 2019, USHPA secured a $120,000 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Adaptive Sports grant. The funding will provide introductory tandem flights and
training for military members who qualify for disability benefits, both active
duty and veterans.
Hang gliding and paragliding training will be... mehr
06.08.2020, The Oz Report
Bad weather and strong wind.
Some information about the competition and current COVID-19 situation in the
At the moment the COVID-19 situation in the Monte Cucco area (Umbria) is
sufficiently normal. We had no more contagions in the last month and... mehr
05.08.2020, The Oz Report

In agreement with the organisers, the 16th FAI Paragliding XC European
Championship that was to start on August 23, 2020, has been postponed to 2022.
The Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions have not improved enough. Positive
thinking and having all... mehr
05.08.2020, The Oz Report
05.08.2020, The Oz Report
Martin writes:
I have close to a 1000 hours hanging in a Matrix. I think its the
most comfortable harness I have ever owned.Not all roses though (and for what it might matter, just my opinion), I have
never found the pitch system on the Matrix Race to be consistent for getting
upright, sometimes easy, sometimes it wants to put up a fight. The... mehr
04.08.2020, The Oz Report

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var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.*... mehr
04.08.2020, The Oz Report
The USHPA competition committee writes:
We're getting in touch to give you an update on the 2020 Hurricane
Open. The competition is currently set to take place from August 29 to September
5 in Henson Gap, TN.
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused most of the sanctioned events
scheduled for 2020 to be cancelled and made it more... mehr
03.08.2020, The Oz Report

AltAIR unit features an independent speed sensor (Pitot tube), a
bluetooth vario with a speaker and 4 key programmable keyboard on the front
panel. This arrangement maybe used independently just by switching on the vario
on the pod keyboard. But that is not it yet! The... mehr
03.08.2020, The Oz Report
Not much seems to have happened in central Florida. Some rain (.38
inches), some gusts, up to 30 mph, but mostly not much. Bailey reports:
Nothing beyond overcast skies. No heavy rain. No high winds. mehr
03.08.2020, The Oz Report mehr
02.08.2020, The Oz Report
While young martins and swallows return to their nests after their
first flights, young swifts do not. As soon as they tip themselves free of the
nest hole, they start flying, and they will not stop flying for two or three
years, bathing in rain, feeding on airborne insects,... mehr
01.08.2020, The Oz Report
31.07.2020, The Oz Report

It looks like a tornado, but it’s not! It’s a cloud structure
called a "scud bomb". This was captured over the weekend in Shreveport,
Louisiana. mehr
31.07.2020, The Oz Report
The forecast for Tropical Storm Isaias, the earliest ninth named
storm on record in the Atlantic, has taken a dangerous turn. The tempest is now
predicted to strengthen to a hurricane and sweep through the... mehr
29.07.2020, The Oz Report

This year here in the Midwest, USA we have had a couple of good XC
days. We were lucky to get north cold and dry air masses moving over our area.
We have been really focusing on not losing any XC possibilities.
Most times good thermaling conditions come with strong winds which create a... mehr
29.07.2020, The Oz Report
David Weins writes:
It means $900 million guaranteed per year to support public lands
and outdoor recreation through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).
 Every state must be ready with a recreation plan.
If your site on state lands needs a little maintenance, perhaps
you should speak with the state agency responsible for your... mehr
29.07.2020, The Oz Report guess it was just postponed before: mehr
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