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24.04.2018, The Oz Report
Christian, Larry Bunner and I started very close to each other. We
did not stay close together for long.
Christian finds his first thermal two minutes and fourteen seconds after the
start window opens. I come in 334 feet lower under him in the same thermal. He
leaves two minutes later having climbed at 640 fpm on average to 3,764'.

In... mehr
24.04.2018, The Oz Report
Jeff Shapiro writes:
For the last six months, between trips, I've been focused on
training and preparing for this year's Xpyr Race in June. With the help of The
Mountain Project, LLC, Mike Wolfe, as my training coach and Brittany Aäe helping
me with nutrition and recovery strategy, I'm feeling more and more prepared
every day. Two... mehr
24.04.2018, The Oz Report
Here is another way to visualize your flight.
1) Reformat your IGC tracklog using GPSDump to the KML format (Ctrl+O and then
2) Register here:
3) After you receive a password via email login here:
4) Click New flight and then on the next page click "Click Here"
5)... mehr
24.04.2018, The Oz Report
Tiki writes:
Cross Country Flying Season is in full swing in Texas and the
Cowboy Up Flying Club is once again registered with Airtribune as a League,
Since we fly year round, Cross Country can happen anytime.
If you have registered on the Cowboy Up Flying Club on Airtribune in the... mehr
24.04.2018, The Oz Report
On the fourth task of the 2018 Quest Air Nationals:
22.04.2018, The Oz Report
The Sport Class top three:

Andrey Solomykin, Charles Cozean, and Rod Regier. Sara Weaver was the first
place woman.
Final Results:


Andrey Solomykin
Aeros Discus 14

Charles Cozean
Wills Wing U2 145

Rod... mehr
20.04.2018, The Oz Report
The forecast was for 11 mph west winds at the surface at 1 and 2 PM. Not too
strong, but from a direction that sometimes causes turbulence. Top of Lift to
5,000' with moderately good lift.
The west wind makes for interesting task choices as it pushes us toward the
Orland Class B... mehr
20.04.2018, The Oz Report
Here on Facebook
19.04.2018, The Oz Report
With a forecast for light winds, no cu's, TOL 3,000' - 4,000', up to 6,000'
after 4 PM and lift up to 600 fpm, the task committee called a basically out and
return task:

A twenty five kilometer entry start cylinder with a turnpoint inside at the
northeast corner of the Green... mehr
19.04.2018, The Oz Report

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var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.*... mehr
19.04.2018, The Oz Report
James Bradley <<jb183>>
The strategic planning committee at USHPA, which I chair, has been
looking at ways to restructure the organization that might help it serve its
mission and its members better.The current 26 member board of mostly regionally-elected directors made sense at
the time the organization was formed, and... mehr
19.04.2018, The Oz Report
Instructors and Tug Pilots wanted: Kitty Hawk Kites and
Morningside Flight Parks
Bruce <bruce>
We have positions open for hang gliding and paragliding
Instructors and Tug Pilots at our locations in North Carolina and New Hampshire.
Not an instructor yet, but interested in working in the beautiful White Mountain
range of New... mehr
18.04.2018, The Oz Report

Thanks to James Gibson. mehr
18.04.2018, The Oz Report
Alipio Loyola <<alipio.loyola>>
'Travessias de Asa-Delta' (hang gliding crossing) is an 11-episode
documentary series around cross country flying that will premiere Tuesday (17)
night in Brazilian TV 'Canal Off'. The pilots Beto Schmitz, Marcelo Abbott and
Alipio Loyola had flown more than 1.000km across the Northeast of... mehr
18.04.2018, The Oz Report
Bob Grant <<caskydog>>
I have photos from 2018 Demo Days at -, and all photos from
March at Wallaby at - mehr
18.04.2018, The Oz Report
Eighteen in goal. The first task was elapsed time with no leading or arrival
points following the Australian precedent for the first day. The launch opened
at 1:30 PM. The pilots with the fastest times started the task later when
conditions improved.
Task 1:

Name... mehr
17.04.2018, The Oz Report
here. mehr
15.04.2018, The Oz Report
Four days of great flying weather and now, on the projected first
day of the competition, the wind is blowing very strongly. No task today and
maybe not tomorrow.
Yesterday was the last flying day before the competition begins. The task was to
head to Williston, 109 kilometers.

Numerous pilots accomplished the task. Andrey Solomykin was one... mehr
15.04.2018, The Oz Report
Alex Brieba <<alex.brieba>>
In Bordeaux we fly with disabled people, an incredible experience.
Like Marcos Cueje in Spain, we have built a telescopic platform which allowed us
to hang disabled people into the glider.

var embed_##='';
var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.*... mehr
14.04.2018, The Oz Report
The final results are as previously reported after five tasks: results.html mehr
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