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23.06.2020, The Oz Report
Gavin writes:
Today looked really good, but as soon as we got in the air blued
our fast. Just starting to pop with some small clouds now :(12:30). mehr
23.06.2020, The Oz Report
We have just released FS 2020 R1.4, which fixes a bug in the
competition result reports: All points were off by a factor of 10 when FS ran on
computers that had the decimal separator set to “,”.Download link: mehr
22.06.2020, The Oz Report
Larry Bunner writes:
Sunday was a bit of a cluster for day 1. We had the last minute details to work
out and met with the Airport Manager and Airport Administrator (who flew in from
Corpus Christi). Once they found out the qualifications of all the pilots,
things went smoothly. They have provided a hangar for the week for a nominal fee
and... mehr
22.06.2020, The Oz Report
Gavin McGlurg writes:
We all flew. Larry Tudor is here. He didn’t fly. I took off just
before 10, I was first to ping off and only made it about 20 km. Most of the
crew bombed about 40-80 km. Donizete was the only one to get out, he landed
about 140km out on purpose as the winds eased off and wasn’t flying fast.
Shortly after 1130... mehr
22.06.2020, The Oz Report
21.06.2020, The Oz Report
Larry Bunner writes:
Well, here we are a year later and the three of us (Robin
Hamilton, Glen Volk, and I) who flew to Canada last summer are back together for
a reconnaissance mission flying out of Marfa, Texas for the next week.Gregg Ludwig will be doing the towing on his Super Trike and we kick it off
today. Gregg has been doing south... mehr
21.06.2020, The Oz Report
He flew to 30 miles north of Leakey today before the cu-nimbs to the
west on the Dry Line blocked the sun. Light winds made for slow going.He is there with other paraglider pilots towing, likely at the airport.
Hebbronville is 45 miles north east of Zapata and has been used before as a
starting point for paraglider flights (keeps them over a... mehr
21.06.2020, The Oz Report
Owen Morse goes 5 kilometers further than Tomas Wesienberger's out and return
record in Chile.
Tom's records:[0]=field_record_sport:2026&f[1]=field_type_of_record:258&f[2]=field_subclass:229
World Out-and-return distance 353 km 03 Nov 2013 ratified -
current record
World Free out-and-return distance... mehr
19.06.2020, The Oz Report
Due to the current COVID situation and free travel across borders
in agreement with CIVL we have decided to postpone the scheduled pre-worlds for
mid August.
New dates are 16-23 August, 2020.
Competition will be run as multi class event for class 1 and class 5 pilots.

Isn't the new date about the same... mehr
18.06.2020, The Oz Report
James Stinnett writes:
I launched fairly early from the awesome new TTT Burnside
paraglider launch around 11:30 local time and almost sank out right away in a
flush cycle.  However, I managed to find a climb and dribble along to the south
on various mediocre thermals hoping for clouds.  The great cloud street was just
too far... mehr
18.06.2020, The Oz Report

• Personalize screen layout
• Navigate to target
• Airspace Warnings
• Thermal assistant
• Final glide navboxes
• Cross-country optimization navboxes
• Swipe gestures
• Rain Radar layer
• Live Open Glider Network layer
• Integration with TopMeteo forecasts
• Live Satellite images from... mehr
18.06.2020, The Oz Report
18.06.2020, The Oz Report
FAI writes:
The FAI has issued technical and practical recommendations
concerning the return to normal operations in air sports during the COVID-19
pandemic. All people involved in air sports activities are urged to take
responsibility and to follow the recommendations.... mehr
17.06.2020, The Oz Report
We have just updated FS 2020 to version R1.2, which fixes two bugs
in distance calculations for tasks and individual pilots.Download link: FS 2020 includes:Additional scoring formula: GAP 2020
Optional separate category scoring... mehr
17.06.2020, The Oz Report

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var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.*... mehr
17.06.2020, The Oz Report"James Bradley" <<arcanadana>>
Thanks for covering Donizete’s recent flight.Petersburg Pass is in New York state, by about 1km. (It’s a cramped slot in the
trees with poor LZ options in front, only good for cross country.) So while
almost all the flight was above... mehr
16.06.2020, The Oz Report
Had a great flight from Henson's on the 13th. 89.5 miles to
Albertville, Alabama. It was an epic day with climbs over 8200 feet. It was
absolutely incredible. Flew with James Stinnett who was on a paraglider and made
it... mehr
15.06.2020, The Oz Report

04 - 08 Aug, 2020
Sigillo, Italy
No ceremonies, briefing via Whatsapp or
Telegram, a specific Covid protocol made by our NAC and free flight clubs, etc. mehr
15.06.2020, The Oz Report
In Italian:
· It is mandatory that people in the... mehr
15.06.2020, The Oz Report
The picture was taken last Saturday by Volirium team pilot
Donizete Lemos, on his flight from Petersburg Pass in Massachusetts almost to
the Atlantic. 204 km, a new New England record. And what a low save at 12:08. mehr
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