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13.04.2020, The Oz Report

But no one was going to go given the need to maintain social distancing. Easily
a 100+ mile day top Georgia up highway 301. This would have been the first day
of the 2020 Paradise Airsports Nationals. mehr
12.04.2020, The Oz Report
The soarcast was ambiguous unlike last Tuesday when it was clear
that we would have a great day to go around the Green Swamp. The forecasted
winds for Saturday were higher at 6 MPH out of the east, there was less of a
chance of cu's, and there was this strange forecast for 44% going to 53% cloud
cover, while at the same time the NWS said,... mehr
11.04.2020, The Oz Report
Jaro Krupa
date : 10.04.2020 10:36 =UTC-05:00
launch : US Cullom
glider : 777 Gambi
airtime : 7:57 hours

Larry Bunner writes:
High temp for the day at the surface was 45F and at top of lift a
whopping 17F. mehr
10.04.2020, The Oz Report new USHPA President as of two days ago. I would consider that a meteoric
rise to the top. mehr
10.04.2020, The Oz Report mehr
10.04.2020, The Oz Report
You can find the manual for the Flytec 6030 here:
Flytec USA has a different Flytec 6030 manual but it is only available to pilots
who purchase their 6030 from Flytec USA and then only in paper format.
Here's graphic from the 6030 manual linked to above:

Note the Speed to... mehr
10.04.2020, The Oz Report

This is my first time-blended image of 2019, taken at a gorgeous
overlook atop the Rio Grande Valley in northern New Mexico. Based on the
astronomical alignments of the pre-twilight sky (I use the TPE apps and PlanIt!
Pro to plan my shots), I knew the Milky Way would be arcing over the southern
extent of this portion of the Rio Grande,... mehr
09.04.2020, The Oz Report

City of Wollongong writes:
We’re supporting NSW Police in their enforcement of social
distancing measures. That’s why from Thursday afternoon we’re closing the
following: Bald Hill carpark (a partial closure, the kiosk will remain open),
Sublime Point and Mt. Keira lookouts and kiosks and all Flagstaff Hill carparks.
The... mehr
09.04.2020, The Oz Report!forum/rec.aviation.soaring
Rich Owen writes:
Seminole-Lake Gliderport sadly announces we had a fatal glider
accident today. The accident will be investigated by the FAA and NTSB, an
inspector was on the scene today. We do not want to identify the pilot but he
was flying a Standard Cirrus that he owned. He was... mehr
08.04.2020, The Oz Report
I call out the soarcast on Monday evening:
1 PM - I think that there will be cu's
Updraft velocity - 620 fpm
B/S ratio - 10.0
TOL - 4,920'
Surface winds - ENE 3 mph
4000' winds - SE 3 mph
Cloud cover - 30% (cumulus clouds most likely)
Mostly sunny, with a high near 88. Calm wind becoming southeast around 5 mph.
GSD shows no winds all day... mehr
08.04.2020, The Oz Report,cat:2,class:all,xctype:all,club:all mehr
07.04.2020, The Oz Report

var embed_##='';
var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) { embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.* height=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+Math.round(eh*ew2/ew)+'$3'); if (ew>eh)... mehr
07.04.2020, The Oz Report

On the 10th of October 2019 Glauco Pinto (Brazil) flew his epic flight in Tacima
- Paraíba (Brazil) on his Laminar 14 Icaro 2000, breaking several records for HG
with a rigid primary structure. On considering the applications FAI has... mehr
06.04.2020, The Oz Report

Thanks to Rob Lesser. mehr
06.04.2020, The Oz Report
As of 23 March, the ECMWF reported a 65% reduction in
European aircraft weather observations and a 42% global reduction.
Based on early studies, the ECMWF suggests that removing all aircraft
observations from their data assimilation system results in a... mehr
06.04.2020, The Oz Report
FAI - Record officer <<record>>
Type of record : Straight distance
Course/location : Tacima (Brazil) - Paraíba (Brazil)
Performance : 620,3 km
Pilot : Glauco Pinto (Brazil)
Aircraft : Laminar 14 / Icaro 2000
Date : 10.10.2019
Previous record : 612,0 km (13.10.2016) mehr
06.04.2020, The Oz Report
FAI - Record officer <<record>>
Type of record : Straight distance to a declared goal
Course/location : Caicó (Brazil)
Performance : 505,6 km
Pilot : Michael Küffer (Switzerland)
Aircraft : Boomerang 11 / Gin Gliders
Date : 09.10.2019
Previous record : 478,6 km (11.10.2018 - Jouni Makkonen, Finland) mehr
06.04.2020, The Oz Report
I couldn't get them all in the photo. They weren't eating, just
standing around. Most have been here all day.
05.04.2020, The Oz Report
05.04.2020, The Oz Report sport in 2020?
As fields, arenas and stadiums sit vacant and silent, the desire
for sports to return far exceeds the capacity among those who oversee them to... mehr
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