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26.05.2018, The Oz Report
Flavio <<flavio.tebaldi>>
In case you have to manage two different tracks of the same
The first solution [shown in the article linked to above] is bad because if you
insert time and distance manually, the program couldn’t calculate the leading
points, because it’s based on... mehr
24.05.2018, The Oz Report

Paul Voight <<flyhighpaul>>
$25 bucks (+ shipping) mehr
24.05.2018, The Oz Report couple of days ago the Cloudbase Foundation switched from one provider of
credit card checking to PayPal. Unfortunately there was a bug and donations to
Big Spring weren't processed for three of us. It looked like they were, but they... mehr
24.05.2018, The Oz Report
23.05.2018, The Oz Report

Page 1:
Yes, there would normally be a map on this page. mehr
23.05.2018, The Oz Report mehr
22.05.2018, The Oz Report
Master sailmakers at work, showcasing the detail and precision
that goes into every single Moyes sail.

var embed_##='';
var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.*... mehr
22.05.2018, The Oz Report
Vicki Cain <<Vicki>>
The Gecko 155 is now available with a smaller A-frame. The smaller
A-frame allows increased ergonomic geometry to benefit the ground handling
characteristics for shorter pilots.
The standard size A frame has 1655 mm / 65” uprights and 1387 mm / 54” speed bar.
The smaller size A frame has... mehr
22.05.2018, The Oz Report
If you don't have a perfect track log, say you need to stitch
together two track logs because there was a glitch in the flight recorder, you
can cure the problem in FS with manual scoring, or by manually stitching flights
together. Super scorekeeper, Evgeniya Laritskaya, tells us how:
There are at least two ways to fix the problem.
First,... mehr
22.05.2018, The Oz Report
Unlike in our competitions I believe that Jamie is really not
completely expandable to handle whoever shows up. We have the gift of having
many Dragonflies on site at Quest Air and Russell is bringing five to Big
Spring. Along with Gregg Ludwig's trike this gives us plenty of resources in Big
Spring. So I would make sure that you are... mehr
22.05.2018, The Oz Report mehr
22.05.2018, The Oz Report, the Cloudbase Foundation donated $1,000 to our campaign to pay back the
people of Big Spring for all their support for hang gliding. In addition, Ken
Millard sent us $100 along with his entry fee for the Big Spring Nationals, to
help... mehr
21.05.2018, The Oz Report

20 - 27 Oct, 2018
Canungra, Queensland, Australia
This will be the first Hang Gliding competition of the Australian
calendar and will be an 8-day, FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned competition
(subject to approval). It will be an important competition for those who are
wanting... mehr
21.05.2018, The Oz Report
Our current plan is first to have a mentored cross country classic
Sunday, March 17th through Saturday, March 23rd. This is not a competition, but
a mentored cross country clinic with daily tasks called. This is for sport class
pilots and all pilots wanting to improve their cross country skills. It’s a... mehr
21.05.2018, The Oz Report
19.05.2018, The Oz Report
19.05.2018, The Oz Report

Will Ramsey

Thomas C. Ide

Japhet Koteen

Robin Hamilton

April Mackin

Robert Dallas

David Williams

Roger Irby
$83.00... mehr
19.05.2018, The Oz Report
Evgeniya Laritskaya and Andrey Solomykin.
18.05.2018, The Oz Report
18.05.2018, The Oz Report
Robin Hamilton <<Robin.Hamilton>> writes:
We have three slots open for the cross country camp in Refugio
down on the Texas Gulf Coast, running June 25th - July 7th. There is a group of
10 pilots signed up to “go long” from the Refugio Regional airport with Gregg
Ludwig and Mustang Airsports providing aerotowing... mehr
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