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09.08.2019, The Oz Report
Task 1


Alexander Barvinskiy
Aeros Combat GT


Vladimir Sokolov
Moyes Litespeed RX3.5


Vladimir Strelkov
Aeros Combat 09


Konstantin... mehr
08.08.2019, The Oz Report

We're excited to say that USHPA's membership numbers are growing!
Check out our organization statistics page with information on membership
trends, instructors, ratings, and more.
The increasing participation in paragliding has supported much of this growth.
Our hang gliding numbers have been steadily... mehr
08.08.2019, The Oz Report

Nathan Wreyford says it looks nice and dry. mehr
08.08.2019, The Oz Report

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var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
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07.08.2019, The Oz Report to Peter Kelley, Glen Volk, and Mick Howard who contributed today. We are
very pleased to be able to repay Big Spring for their generosity. mehr
07.08.2019, The Oz Report
The USHPA states:
USHPA recently received considerable input regarding transgender
pilots in competitions. After careful consideration of all the opinions
received, we have decided to affirm our adherence to the CIVL policy of
accepting whatever gender is on the pilot’s government-issued identification. To
read the full policy, please... mehr
07.08.2019, The Oz Report
Alexandra Serebrennikova writes:

Flatlands impressions.
The first three days of Russian Cup 2019 have proven to be too windy and
therefore were cancelled to stay on the safe side. Good moment to use for making
some pictures of these fascinating iconic sceneries of the endless Russian
steppe connecting the Black and Caspian Seas.
Now looking... mehr
07.08.2019, The Oz Report
We have a lake at Wilotree Park south of Groveland, Florida. In
the summer it rains almost every day. The grass there gets very green. In the
summer I live next to the Boise River in Garden City, Idaho (next to Boise). I
ride on the Greenbelt that follows the river every day.
Now something special is going to happen. A swimmer is going to... mehr
07.08.2019, The Oz Report
07.08.2019, The Oz Report missed the fact that the CBF is actually giving us $2,500 if we make $5,000.
Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part. This is still very generous of them.
Steve Houser put us over the top and so we are now set to get the full $2,500
from the... mehr
06.08.2019, The Oz Report
Andrey Solomykin writes:
The Russian Open Hang Gliding Championship 2019 has finished and
to my small collection of sport trophies I have added a Champion's cup and these
three gold medals:
1st place in Open class;
1st place in Sport class;
1st place of our Moscow team.
This is my third consecutive victory (in the USA, Australia, and finally,... mehr
06.08.2019, The Oz Report ready for following the 2019 Big Spring Nationals.We'll put up the link to Flymaster Live Tracking this weekend when we set things
up. mehr
04.08.2019, The Oz Report
The death of Marvin Tomlinson reminds us all that good pilots
don't last forever. Marvin was our friend and our connection to the past at the
Quest Air Soaring Center and now Wilotree Park and Paradise Airsports in
Groveland, Florida. He lived in the house next to the airfield and came over
often to pal around with the hang glider pilots.... mehr
02.08.2019, The Oz Report
For seventeen years the City of Big Spring has very generously supported hang
gliding competition by providing us with unlimited access to their airport (a
former airbase with a ten thousand foot runway). They go all out to welcome us
to their... mehr
01.08.2019, The Oz Report

Thanks to Roger Hoyt. During the Red Bull XAlps. mehr
01.08.2019, The Oz Report
Eduardo Fonseca writes:
I have a Flytec Element Track. There is firmware version 2.00.00
and I have asked the Naviter people if that firmware version includes the WGS84
model. Standing by for a response.
He asks Joerg Ewald:
What is the Earth model used in the Flytec Element Track? FAI Cat
1 comps require the WGS84 model. However, if the... mehr
01.08.2019, The Oz Report
We've raised $2,754 so far in our quest to raise $5,000 (which will be matched
by the Cloudbase Foundation). We are giving our support to the local Rainbow
Room in Big Spring which provides assistance to children in foster care. Thanks
to... mehr
31.07.2019, The Oz Report

David flies at Wilotree Park in Groveland, Florida. mehr
31.07.2019, The Oz Report
31.07.2019, The Oz Report

Paragliders love to fly and compete in the Lake Chelan Valley, and
that includes the 120-plus pilots who participated in the U.S. Open of
Paragliding event held in (and above) Chelan earlier this month.
To show their gratitude to the community, the... mehr
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