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04.06.2018, The Oz Report
03.06.2018, The Oz Report
Witnesses say the crash happened moments after the pilot finished
stunts with another plane, but as soon as he released a cable, the crowd watched
him nose dive into the runway.
The air show was halted as EMS and first responders rushed to the runway. The
remainder... mehr
03.06.2018, The Oz Report

Morton, Washington, USA mehr
01.06.2018, The Oz Report
James Reinauer and Steve Houser have recently donated and we have
raised $6355.00 from 47 donations with 3 months 7 days to go. mehr
01.06.2018, The Oz Report
31.05.2018, The Oz Report
Gary's ASW 27 and Stemme in his hangar in Moriarty:

Gary Osoba <<osobagary>> writes:
Had a pretty good day yesterday. Still working through some
instrument problems and very poor total energy indicator which is a major
problem given the dynamic type of flying strategy that I employ.
The online contest runs total points based on... mehr
31.05.2018, The Oz Report
I actually didn't describe all of the issues that I had with my
installation of the Oudie Simulator, because I couldn't be sure that the reader
would run into them. I believe that I provided the reader with enough
information that if they had problems they could fix them. As there is no
documentation for the Simulator (it is just supposed to... mehr
30.05.2018, The Oz Report
Vicki Cain <<Vicki>>
We test fly every glider we produce. Stanwell Park is our home
site, which is 40 km from the factory. Stanwell works in a South East sea breeze
with landing on the beach.
Here’s a little peek at a cloudy but cool autumn test fly day:

var embed_##='';
var... mehr
29.05.2018, The Oz Report
The pictures that I have published earlier of the Oudie screens
came off Steve Kroops' and my computers.
They were created using Oudie Simulator software which is found here:
Direct download here:... mehr
29.05.2018, The Oz Report
Larry Bunner <<lbunner>>
On the 27th, my birthday, I went to Hang Glide Chicago in
Chebanse, Illinois for a big triangle. Looking at the conditions it
appeared that a 200km triangle would be possible. I put two tasks in my 6030,
one for 160km also.
I didn't think the lift would start until 1 PM, but on the long drive down... mehr
29.05.2018, The Oz Report
Matjaz Klemencic <<klemencic_matjaz>>
Here is a good use of GoPro overcapture in hang gliding. The
camera is filming 360 degrees all the time, later in post-production, you can
decide, which view you will take from it. Quite handy for a hang glider pilot,
where we mostly need two hands to fly properly.... mehr
28.05.2018, The Oz Report
Claudia and Pedro saw the picture of the Digifly with the three values/elements
taking the whole screen: and read my message saying I wanted to see six
Pedro took less than ten minutes using the AirPages software on
his computer to create four of versions of what I was looking for (a... mehr
28.05.2018, The Oz Report

For the first time in 30 years students will be hang gliding 15
minutes from Virginia Tech campus. Now is the time for incoming students to join
the Hang Gliding Club at Virginia Tech! The Hang Gliding Club has previously
taken 1 or 2 trips per year to hang gliding schools such as Kitty Hawk Kites... mehr
26.05.2018, The Oz Report

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var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.*... mehr
26.05.2018, The Oz Report
Flavio <<flavio.tebaldi>>
In case you have to manage two different tracks of the same
The first solution [shown in the article linked to above] is bad because if you
insert time and distance manually, the program couldn’t calculate the leading
points, because it’s based on... mehr
24.05.2018, The Oz Report

Paul Voight <<flyhighpaul>>
$25 bucks (+ shipping) mehr
24.05.2018, The Oz Report couple of days ago the Cloudbase Foundation switched from one provider of
credit card checking to PayPal. Unfortunately there was a bug and donations to
Big Spring weren't processed for three of us. It looked like they were, but they... mehr
24.05.2018, The Oz Report
23.05.2018, The Oz Report

Page 1:
Yes, there would normally be a map on this page. mehr
23.05.2018, The Oz Report mehr
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