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17.08.2018, The Oz Report

Thanks to Bob Reich. mehr
17.08.2018, The Oz Report
Andrej Kolar at Naviter Info <<info>>
It is a very interesting analysis.
Please note that both Alex and Tom are very closely involved in the development
of Oudies with the Naviter team. They both fly slightly different versions of
very early prototypes of Oudies. I agree that the flights... mehr
16.08.2018, The Oz Report
Climate Data Online (CDO) provides free access to NCDC's archive
of global historical weather and climate data in addition to station history
information. These data include quality controlled daily, monthly, seasonal, and
yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, wind, and degree days as well
as... mehr
16.08.2018, The Oz Report
Tonino Tarsi writes:
Task 3 of the Monte Cucco International Trophy 2018 was a photo
finish one between Alex Ploner and Tom Weissenberg. As it was not clear who won
the task the two pilots asked us to analyze all the tracks available. Both Alex
and Tom own an Oudie and Alex also had a Compeo track log. The analysis we did
was very tricky and... mehr
15.08.2018, The Oz Report mehr
15.08.2018, The Oz Report
James Gibson <<gibson.gds>>
On July 26 three hang glider pilots launched from the Green Point
(Frankfort, Michigan) ramp into buoyant and smooth 15 mph westerly winds. The
sky in front of launch was partly blue but five miles to the north there were
signs of strong instability over the water.
Thirty minutes later, while... mehr
15.08.2018, The Oz Report

So why isn't the winner of the competition in the middle?
The CIVL or USHPA rules require that we bring up the top ten pilots in each
class. We line them up right to left tenth through first. Pictures are taken and
then the pilots asked for just the top three. We don't have an actual physical
podium. Sorry if there was any confusion. mehr
15.08.2018, The Oz Report

Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championships 2019
Saturday 29th December 2018 - Saturday 5th January 2019
Registration at HQ from 10.00am - 12.00pm & 4.00pm - 6.00pm - 28th December 2018
Welcome night: Friday 28th December 2018
Practice flying: Thursday 27th and Friday 28th December 2018
1st competition day:... mehr
14.08.2018, The Oz Report
Gary Osoba <<osobagary>>
Once I was flying the prototype Carbon Dragon for Straight
Distance World Records out of Hobbs, New Mexico. On one flight I was north of
Tucumcari, New Mexico when an approaching front was accelerating toward me from
the west. Due to the typically good visibility over the New Mexican desert, I... mehr
14.08.2018, The Oz Report
XC Tracer <<info>>
New firmware is available for XC Tracer II (R06) and XC Tracer
Mini II GPS (R02). You can download the new firmware from It is recommended
for all users to update to the new releases. There was a buffer overflow in rare
cases, creating... mehr
14.08.2018, The Oz Report

My friend Bob, aka Wild Eagle, 72 years old, lost his home in Lake
Elsinore (El Cariso) and all his belongings on August 9, 2018 in the Holy Fire.
The fire swept through the Cleveland National Forest quickly on that day, and he
was unable to grab anything except for his vehicle, 11... mehr
14.08.2018, The Oz Report am unaware of how these entities mesh with the Tennessee Tree Toppers: mehr
13.08.2018, The Oz Report


Konstantin Lukyanov
Moyes Litespeed rx

Sasha Serebrennikova
Moyes Litespeed RX3 Pro


Roman Otdelkin
Aeros Combat L


Google... mehr
13.08.2018, The Oz Report

T 1
T 2

Alex Ploner
Icaro 2000 Laminar

Thomas Weissenberger
Icaro 2000 Laminar

Karl Reichegger
Icaro Laminar

Marco... mehr
13.08.2018, The Oz Report

Photo by John Simon. mehr
13.08.2018, The Oz Report

#this th,#this td{font-size:70%;border:1px solid #888;}

2018 Hang Gliding Russian Cup
2018-08-04 to... mehr
13.08.2018, The Oz Report
Draw a 40 kilometer cylinder around the start point, go any
direction, come back
Larry Bunner <<lbunner>>
The last two days of the 2018 Big Spring Nationals were quite
difficult to predict weather wise for me. Even Gary Osoba was reluctant to offer
his insights on the last day. I am still convinced that an out and return... mehr
13.08.2018, The Oz Report
Landspouts are a type of tornado which forms during the growth
stage of a cumulus congestus cloud by stretching boundary layer vorticity upward
and into the cumulus congestus's updraft. They generally are smaller and weaker
than... mehr
12.08.2018, The Oz Report
The task committee wouldn't call a task given the forecast of a
50% chance of rain, radar images showing approaching storms, and what happened
the day before.
It looked later like we might have been able to get a smaller task in launching
around 2:00 PM.
Attila has won the Big Spring Nationals once again. He's come to fly at Big
Spring four... mehr
12.08.2018, The Oz Report
Belinda took this shot at about 7:40 PM on Saturday:
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