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19.03.2019, The Oz Report
We have two women and three men in our cross country clinic.

This is Katherine Brackett finishing up her pack up after landing out in a
pilot's choice field (not one of our goal/turnpoints) along with all the rest of
the pilots and Mick, the mentor, except for Tim Conover who kept heading south
and landed at the Seminole Glider Port.
The... mehr
19.03.2019, The Oz Report
We are finally able to find with Felix's help, the daily results
from Brazil
Thanks for the generous support from Ken Cobb and Tim Collard, who
followed my instructions and sent their email addresses along with their snail
mail checks so that I could thank them directly. Thanks to JOSE MANUEL SANCHEZ
GARCIA (Juaki), Keith Barghahn, and Glen... mehr
19.03.2019, The Oz Report
Tests were successfully carried across three system
configurations:- Series Hybrid: In this configuration, the engine operates as a turbo-generator
that charges an on-board battery system, and does not contribute to thrust
directly. All power required for thrust and other onboard systems... mehr
19.03.2019, The Oz Report

Thanks to Dan DeWeese, who writes:
Was searching for info on when the new GFS model was going to be
operational and found this site.  Go to the numerical models and it
accesses both the new and old GFS, the euro and Canadian and several others
models. A bit cumbersome to figure... mehr
19.03.2019, The Oz Report
R. Miller writes:
Accident- 19th February Manilla NSW hang gliding state titles 2019
History- logged about 520 hours in a hang glider over 19 years. I Spent a lot of
my childhood tandem flying with my dad and hanging around the hill.
Parachute -Free Flight Enterprises PDA 20 gore pull down... mehr
19.03.2019, The Oz Report
Task 1, 3/16/19:










JONNY... mehr
18.03.2019, The Oz Report
The Oz Report begins its season of clinics and competition
Thanks for the very generous support from Knut Ryerson, Dean
Engler, Rachel Allen, and Patrick Pannese.Thanks to all the fans of the Oz Report in Norway. We don't know exactly what it
is that causes us to have supporters from Norway. Is it their famous school
system? The lack... mehr
18.03.2019, The Oz Report
Joerge Ewald writes:
1. Running Update on Windows 8 or 10 for a vario that was built
before August 2014 and never had the communication chip upgraded. Solution a:
Have the chip upgraded at a repair center (see
Solution b: Find a Windows 7 computer, do the update there,... mehr
18.03.2019, The Oz Report
The day was almost completely overcast throughout the day except
for a little bit of blue around 2 PM. The wind was out of the north 9 - 12 mph.
It was a little over 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) . I didn't think that we would be
able to do anything. Then Mick Howard, my fellow mentor, suggested that we tow
everyone to 3,000' and have them go... mehr
16.03.2019, The Oz Report
Joe Schmucker <<wingloader>>
I'll soon have paid off my business loan early. As soon as I
finish paying it off, Sarah will allow me to fly again. In Nov 2015, I bought
the business unit I created while employed at a local company here in Buffalo. I
took out a five year loan and told my wife I wouldn’t fly again until... mehr
16.03.2019, The Oz Report
Mick Howard, Greg Dinauer, and I decided to fly around the Green Swamp, 103 km,
given the forecast for lighter winds out of the southwest. Larry Bunner had... mehr
15.03.2019, The Oz Report
Thanks for the extreme support from Mike Harrington of Santa
Barbara and Attila Bertok, the Hungarian from Australia. Thanks also to David Lopez, partner in Wilotree Park for his generous support. Thanks to everyone who has donated and especially to those of you who have raised the bar by sending in
a bit more than $20. We appreciate... mehr
15.03.2019, The Oz Report
He was followed by Mick Howard and Cory Barnwell. shows me, Cory and Mick. I dropped out early along with Greg Dinauer. Cory
made it well past Williston on his U2- 145. Mick's track log doesn't show him
past the turnpoint at Dunellon, but we saw him heading for Gainesville (not a
good idea) earlier on... mehr
14.03.2019, The Oz Report
Thanks for the generous support from Rob Hibbard, Ron Gleason, and
Peter Holloway.About 250 people send in donations over a year, more than 90% of
them come during my little March fund raising appeals. About 160 have responded
so far this year to my tin cup. Thankfully I'm not out on the street rattling
the darn thing.Our week long Cross... mehr
14.03.2019, The Oz Report
1978, billowing spring day at Dunstable. Clouds racing. That's me
in the air, teenager, high, and so excited. The guy on the ground is just
hurrying off with the money I had given him for the hang glider. It was a
Spirit, and yes with the sunset the sky WAS that colour. 'it... mehr
13.03.2019, The Oz Report
Thanks to John Kennedy for his generous support.
You might notice that I send a thank you to everyone who sends in a
donation/becomes a subscriber. This is not an automated function. My PayPal
account doesn't just notice that you've sent in $20 or more. I'm actually
opening up the account, opening up my subscriber list, opening up my email... mehr
13.03.2019, The Oz Report
Turn on the sound.
Thanks for a Miraclepie. mehr
13.03.2019, The Oz Report
FAI - Record officer <<record>>
Sub-class : O-3 / Paragliders
Type of record : Free distance using up to 3 turn points
Course/location : Caicó (Brazil)
Performance : 550,2 km
Pilot : Michael Sigel (Switzerland)
Aircraft : Boomerang 11 / Gin Gliders
Date : 07.10.2018
Previous record : 476,5 km (16.12.2015 - Charles... mehr
13.03.2019, The Oz Report
I wrote to Steve Kroop and Joerge Ewald to see if this was
possible. I fly with both instruments and very much prefer the sounds coming out
of the P1. I find them to be more encouraging.Steve Kroop wrote:
I believe the pressure sensor and calibration process between the
P1 and 6030 are similar so it should be possible to get the resolution... mehr
12.03.2019, The Oz Report
They all look the same, but they are not the same. The cable
required is a USB Type A Male to Mini B Male Cable. But, that is not enough of a
specification. I do not know how to tell them apart other than to try different
cables.You must also install the Prolific USB driver first. It is found here: you... mehr
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