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28.12.2017, The Oz Report
On Tuesday Greg Dinauer got to 4,000' in 350 fpm lift. He said it
got better after 3:30 PM and the lift lasted until 5 PM (sundown is 5:30 PM).
Wednesday I got out to launch with Greg, but the beautiful cu's which were to
the south with one or two over us went away at the high clouds came in from the
north. We had extended sled rides in sweet... mehr
27.12.2017, The Oz Report
Much more expensive, smaller.
27.12.2017, The Oz Report
The competition begins on Friday.

Looks green in Forbes (see
26.12.2017, The Oz Report
We are seriously considering using elapsed time scoring for all
classes for the 2018 Quest Air National Series. That way pilots won't have to
wait around in what could be less than strong air for an hour or more. we could reduce the gaggle size and increase safety.Just time and... mehr
26.12.2017, The Oz Report

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26.12.2017, The Oz Report
South Brunny Island:

23.12.2017, The Oz Report
23.12.2017, The Oz Report
THE USHPA reports:
Donnita Hall will retire as Executive Director of the Foundation
For Free Flightat the end of the year, and Jayne Depanfilis will take on that
role - thanks so much to both Donnita and Jayne for their dedication to free
flight! mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
I've been harping on the wonderful flying weather here at Quest
Air because it is pretty amazing that we can get the flying that we have been
getting near the end of December. And now the days start getting longer.
You may be hearing about the cold weather in the US, but it doesn't seem to have
much effect on this peninsula that pushed far... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
Igor Erzen writes:
CIVL 2018 Plenary – Annex 18 Software Officer's Report
Last year we decided that SeeYou would replace FS. Naviter, the company that
makes SeeYou software, first had to adjust GAP formula to the latest one, and
implement it to be fully readable by the new software. Initially it looked as if
everything would be ready by... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
Mitch Shipley writes:
Based on some recent issues with how some of our flight
instruments record flights, a working group was established a t the CIVL plenary
in February 2017 with the task to better define what is required of our
competition flight instruments. The output from this working group is the ‘"CIVL
Flight Recorder... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
Mitch Shipley writes:
Two approaches used in 2017 to enhance safety are worth
highlighting and further development. First, Pilot Safety Forms were widely used
at the Hang Gliding World championships and proved very effective to learn about
and deal with safety issues that pilots encountered. Issues such as crowding
before the start gates and... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
USHPA proposes:
The US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association proposes that the
number of hang glider pilots in any Category 1 event be limited to 100.There was a lot of concern at the worlds in Brasilia in August surrounding the
number of pilots at Category 1 competitions. The discussion and consensus among
many was that 150 is just too... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
USHPA proposes:
4.1.3 Live Tracking
Live tracking is mandatory in Category 1 events and test events. Organizers may
request an exemption at the time of bidding. Using the live tracking information
as a strategic aid to pilots is an unsporting behavior. Mandatory Delay: In Hang Gliding, any publicly available feed provided
by the... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
Germany's reps propose:
The current rule of 1hour minimum flying time to validate a task
falls short. This way the meet director will always check the time and may be
compromised when deciding to stop a task, if the stop time falls around the 1h
limit. This decision should be grounded solely on safety.Also tasks which are not stopped but had... mehr
22.12.2017, The Oz Report
Hang Gliding committee proposes:
Aim: Require contrast marking and numbers on competing hang
gliders. Discussion: The current trend in hang gliding is towards darker gray
sail - material that decrease s visibility in the air significantly compared to
earlier shiny white gliders.To improve visibility and make glider identification easier, we... mehr
21.12.2017, The Oz Report
HGFA Operations <ops> writes:
CASA Proposal for Multicom Frequency usage below 5000ft and
Expanded CTAF's: The first element of the proposal will have little effect on our
operations. However, the second element to increase the size of CTAF's to double
their current size, is completely untenable and will severely affect and limit
our... mehr
21.12.2017, The Oz Report
This sublime 29 acre property is located on the edge of Mt. Jerusalem National Park overlooking Mullumbimby and the Brunswick Heads coastline.
A lot of trees mehr
21.12.2017, The Oz Report
21.12.2017, The Oz Report
Why does the Oz Report web site not respond sometimes (too
Basically the internet is full of exploits and various automated
processes that are out there knocking on our door trying to get in for no good
reason at all. They clog up the entry ways. We can only handle so many snoopers
(as opposed to real people) at once and the whole... mehr
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