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18.02.2020, The Oz Report
Picture a kitchen sink full of water. Open the drain. The water in
the sink will start to rotate nearly as a single body. If you zoomed in on the
fluid and measured its velocity at finer scales, you’d still observe the same
thing — each... mehr
18.02.2020, The Oz Report
Tyler was able to call a county deputy on his cellphone, and
reported that the plane had crashed into a heavily wooded area on a steep
mountainside — but that he and his wife had managed to deploy the plane’s
built-in parachute beforehand, the... mehr
18.02.2020, The Oz Report
Task 1:


Jon Durand Jnr
Moyes RX 4 Pro

Shigeto Ishizaka
Moyes RX 3.5 pro

Bruce Wynne... mehr
18.02.2020, The Oz Report Kroop at Flytec USA writes:
I am not sure why the STF value is off, I have not received any
reports until reading this.  I am copying this to Naviter."Unlike with the Flytec 6030 the pilot sets the McCready value before flight,
but they can change it in flight if desired.  On the Flytec 6030 the... mehr
17.02.2020, The Oz Report
So far no competition flying on the first two days.Manilla caravan and water park.Rain at the Royal Inn. mehr
15.02.2020, The Oz Report
A few weeks ago I purchased a Naviter Blade from Flytec USA, I was already familiar with the Oudie
4/Full/Pro having customized it to replicate the functionality of a Flytec 6030
and having flown with it. The Blade is an Oudie 4/Full/Pro in a streamlined pod.You can see my earlier... mehr
14.02.2020, The Oz Report
13.02.2020, The Oz Report

var embed_##='';
var eh=embed_##.replace(/^.* height="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew=embed_##.replace(/^.* width="(\\\\d+)".*$/i,'$1'),ew2=640;
if (eh && ew) { embed_##=embed_##.replace(/^(.* width=")(\\\\d+)(".*)$/i,'$1'+ew2+'$3').replace(/^(.*... mehr
13.02.2020, The Oz Report
Today I was the one to screw up with the radio, so I couldn't talk
to Larry or hear from him, which turned out to be okay.
Larry went first as I fiddled with the connection to the radio from the helmet
and then damaged it. Tim pulled me up at 12:45 as we again saw plenty of dark
bottomed cu's, hopefully higher than on Tuesday.
I had Tim head... mehr
12.02.2020, The Oz Report
On Tuesday I launched the first time at 12:10 PM just like the day
before, but found cloud base 1,000' lower at 2,400' with lift so weak I didn't
stay up. The clouds were thick with black bottoms, but none of the ones Larry
and I went to produced anything.
We waited for a later launch and at 1:30 PM I launched after Larry. We saw him
and... mehr
12.02.2020, The Oz Report
12.02.2020, The Oz Report
11.02.2020, The Oz Report
The day started with bright sunshine and a blue sky with an east
wind that was forecasted to become south southeast. Larry and I got ready before
9 AM for a early start. We were looking at a noon launch, after launching at
1:05 the day before. A few weeks ago we were launching at 2 PM.The cu's started at 10:40 am but we had also seen a few... mehr
11.02.2020, The Oz Report mehr
10.02.2020, The Oz Report

Filippo is red, Jonny is blue. The blue vertical line is just before the edge of
the goal cylinder. Pilots are flying at about 60 mph just before the goal cylinder.
There is a strong head/side wind from the west as they approach from the south
east increasing to 16 mph as they get closer to goal and lower.

Altitude... mehr
10.02.2020, The Oz Report
Larry Bunner said that he was going to give it a try so I said
okay and never looked at the forecast. The wind seemed to be about ten mph out
of the east northeast on the ground. There were no cu's but around noon they
started to form to our south. By 12:45 they were overhead and we were getting
ready as fast as possible.
I was off at 1:05... mehr
10.02.2020, The Oz Report mehr
09.02.2020, The Oz Report
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Much of Australia’s wildfire-ravaged east coast
was drenched on Friday by the biggest rainfall in almost 20 years, dousing some
of the most dangerous blazes and providing welcome relief to... mehr
08.02.2020, The Oz Report
Robin Hamilton writes:

Seeing a video today of a drug runner's confiscated
private jet being launched from a dirt track in a forest made me recall my
dodgiest takeoff last year. We were aerotow launching (uphill) from the dirt
track running down to Kevin Christopherson's ranch, set halfway up the mountain
above Casper, WY. The track also... mehr
07.02.2020, The Oz Report
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