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01.01.1970, The Oz Report
There should be live tracking of all the pilots at the web site linked to below.
The clouds come and go and Franco, Nuccia, and Phil Schroder and I are sitting
next to the LZ next to the food preparation tent seeing if they will send us to
launch. Many pilots here including Manfred, Gerolf, Joerg, and others.
Live Tracking.
They don't... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report have become aware of a potential problem with the Aeros Combat and Discus
hang gliders. The pulley cap screw (marked red on the photo below) was loosened
on the VG pulleys.We strongly recommend you to unscrew cap screws from all pulleys on your
gliders, and screw them back using a... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The flight.
The video.
Check it out in HD.

In HD with music here:

Jochen's video:

Mitch's video: mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Ricker Goldsborough <<gci>>
Please go to the website and nominate the Cloudbase Foundation as
the charity (click the button on the right hand side). Also please click on the
Like button.
They are watching us and as you can hear from the tone of Adrian's email, he
wants this to work out. The... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report!/photo.php?fbid=10150123573779471&set=a.10150123573649471.294236.776084470&theater!/album.php?fbid=10150123587219471&id=776084470&aid=294249 mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Rich Hass <<richhass>>
At the BoD meeting last week, we had a great update from Robin,
Martin and Nick about the public relations effort the USHPA is doing in
conjunction with 20th Century Fox in promoting RIO—the movie, and promoting
USHPA's learning to fly campaign. As promised, Robin and Nick are calling
chapters... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
On Friday afternoon I flew from Orlando to Miami (flight delayed
half an hour as President Obama was flying out of Miami after meeting with
school children and Jeb Bush about education funding) to Cali, Colombia, the
nearest big airport to Roldanillo, site of the 2011 Colombian National Hang
Gliding Championships. It's not a long flight... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The CIVL Plenary has voted for Forbes (the only bid). mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report Liebermeister, Public Relations Manager DHV <<Pr>>
When asked for tandem insurance the DHV office informs its members
that there are other insurance companies which offer cheaper prices than
HDI-Gerling, the partner of DHV, does. For the time being HDI-Gerling will not
reduce its price... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
38 58 10.92 N,75 52 0.00 W,Highland Aerosports, Ridgely,
Maryland, USA mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Yahoo article
The snake dangles 49 feet (15 meters) off the ground, tail
entwined around a branch. Suddenly, the animal rears up and launches, flinging
its body toward the forest floor.
In other reptiles, the leap would be suicidal, or at least an invitation for
broken bones. But the snake in question is a Chrysopelea paradisi, one of... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Over-the-wing (engine) placement is a key design element because
it enables very high lift while still providing the engine thrust necessary for
take-off and high-speed level flight. It also offers important reduced-noise
...single wing flap is used in tandem with a novel... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
"Dennis Cavagnaro" <<dcavagnaro>>
For more than three decades Jeff Nicolay and Morningside have been
the heart of Hang Gliding and Paragliding in New England. He introduced flying
to more people in our area than anyone could imagine and touched all our lives
in one way or another. Jeff's death is a terrible loss to our... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Christina Finsterwalder <<christina>> writes:

Finsterwalder and Charly's popular heatable speedbar hand fairings
for hang glider pilots are in stock again. A brand-new version specifically
designed for profiled speed bars is now available as well!
As slipping in and out of the gloves is easy, re-gripping at take-off and... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Oggy <<oggy>> sends:
The view from cloudbase over the flatlands of Southern Sweden. The
local club is rather active from the small airfield. Rather picturesque vicinity
with many lakes and excellent cloud formation this weekend in September. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Article here.
01.01.1970, The Oz Report final day mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report can possibly learned from a review of what I know took place at the 2010 US
Nationals.Day One: set only one start time. Not a good idea for the first day of a towing
competition. At least three is a good idea while the tug pilots and the hang
glider pilots work things out. This... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Last Wednesday morning I woke up before the 4 AM alarm and gathered my camel
back with its 70 fluid ounce bladder filled with Hammer Cafe Latte flavored
Perpetuem, a water bottle of Hammer Heed, my helmet, gloves, clipless shoes,
heart rate monitor, bike shorts and shirt, and prepared for my 109 mile ride up
hill... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The XCSkies forecast was for 17 knot north north east winds at
4,000' with cloud base at 4,000' to 5,000'. Launch on the west side, the main
Sigillo launch, is about 3,700'. I'm looking up at the main launch outside our
window here at the Residence Alba Rosa and while now you can see the launch
unlike this morning at 8 AM, it is cloudy just... mehr
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