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06.10.2006, The Oz Report
Jones, Isaac William Isaac.W.
FedEx Thunderstorm Diversions. Wanna be an air traffic controller?
Not me: Http:// mehr
06.10.2006, The Oz Report
Check out: and compare Harry Martin's cartoon there to
these Bolivian roads:

Thanks to Von Welch mehr
06.10.2006, The Oz Report
Jayne writes:
Historical and current Association trends do not support doubling
the membership every 10 years or tripling the membership in 25 years. It's going
to require a tremendous amount of effort to reverse the current membership trend
because it's not a new trend.
Kinda reinforces what I write here: mehr
06.10.2006, The Oz Report
Here is the speculation about who is resigning their positions
with the USHPA BOD:
Jim Zeiset, chair of the Competition Committee, Ron Gleason, the person
responsible for the NTSS ranking on the Competition Committee, Warren
Schirtzinger, as chair of the Marketing Committee (well, he already has
resigned), and Bill Bolosky, as chair of the... mehr
05.10.2006, Entflogen
Ohrenanlegen gehört zum Standardrepertoire eines jeden ausgebildeten Piloten. Als “sanfte” Abstiegshilfe bringen die eingeklappten Außenflügel eine erhöhte Sinkrate von 2-5 Metern pro Sekunde. Hinter den “Ohren” können sich manche Überraschungen verstecken : einige unschöne wie ein eventueller Sackflug, aber auch... mehr
05.10.2006, The Oz Report

Video here. Thanks to Bruce. mehr
05.10.2006, The Oz Report
Discussion of hook in failures is found here: and here: mehr
05.10.2006, The Oz Report
Sunday I went out and checked out the new hydraulic winch that George Hamilton
from Sacramento Hang Gliding was operating at their site at the Scheider Ranch,
south east of Sacramento. Here's what George had to say about his new
winch (
With all of the options, it was 9,000 Euro or... mehr
05.10.2006, The Oz Report
A final updated version of the packet of material sent to the BOD
members can be found at
Click on the Members section and after signing in, click on Board Information,
scroll to the bottom, it's there on the bottom.
Planning Committee Agenda Riss Estes, Chair, 1) Prioritize
strategic plan action plans
That's it. One item.... mehr
04.10.2006, Entflogen
Das der Drachenflieger Club Berlin engagiert bei der Sache ist durfte ich schon auf der Flatlands und der German Open erleben. Beim surfen über die Website entdecke ich das DCB Info (die Vereinszeitschrift) und bin beeindruckt - welcher Verein hat schon eine eigene Zeitung in DHV Info Qualität? mehr
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
On Saturday, at the invitation of Kevin Dutt, I went out to join
in the flying fun at Kevin's place near Antioch, eighteen miles west of Mt.
Diablo (BLIPSPOT),
in the Sacramento River delta region west of the San Francisco Bay.  Kevin
is putting a really big barn/hangar up on part of his ten acre spread situated
just west of the... mehr
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
Me soaring (kind of) a standard in early 1975, Oklahoma, Region6,
and landing back on the lower slope:, filmed by Roy. mehr
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
Jim Prahl writes:
On Sunday, 10/01/06 Tandem Instructor Bob Lane and a student
experienced an in-flight structural failure while off tow. Parachute was
deployed successfully. The student and Bob walked away from the accident. Bob
suffered a broken arm and the student a minor cut. The glider (North Wing T2) is
being examined to determine the... mehr
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
7) Review CIVL potential candidates for CCC
This is an agenda item for the Competition Committee and it refers
to the idea that there will perhaps be a new Competition Committee Chairman (CCC).
Since CIVL chose the last USHPA CCC (I wonder if they do this in other
countries), perhaps they will choose the new one.
Membership & Development... mehr
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
04.10.2006, The Oz Report
03.10.2006, The Oz Report
The agenda for the BOD meeting:
The strategic plan:
The documents outlining to be read in preparation for the BOD meeting:
More on these later. mehr
03.10.2006, The Oz Report Thanks to Bruce. mehr
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