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01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Moyes: 56 gliders in the competition, three in the top ten, 5.6%
Airborne: 15 gliders in the competition, four in the top ten, 26.6%
Wills Wing: 11 gliders in the competition, zero in the top ten, 0%
Aeros: 11 gliders in the competition, two in the top ten, 18.2%
I ignore Jonny and myself.
A more detailed analysis of the interim results is... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report 3:


Attila Bertok
Moyes Litespeed S 5

Jonny Durand
Moyes RS 3.5

Roberto Nichele
Wills Wing T2C 144... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The forecast is for a windy day with light lift and low cloud
The satellite shows a large area of clouds over us as do ground
observations (looking out the window here at the caravan park).Forbes is in the right hand lower corner.The GFS model as interpreted by the NSW RASP shows  a mixture of lift, but
the XCSkies, using the same... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Curt Warren is blogging here:
Day May has a new video of interviews on launch here:

Spoke briefly with Scott Barrett, the winner of day 2, on the launch situation.
Seems that he got let off down wind in zero sink, when we were pretty clear that
the tug... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Minute by minute updates at Fly Moyes
Jamie's twitters here.
Jamie... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

Mike Glennon <<mikeglennon>> writes:
Foreign pilots confirmed: Dustin, Jack Simmons, James Stinnett, Dean Funk, Luis Rizo, Raul Guerra, Jelko Loor.
On the fence: Jamie Sheldon, Ricker Goldsborough. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Raul Guerra <<dr.raulguerra>>

Look minute 4:00. The emergency parachute opens. Just over Lake San Pablo,
Andes, Ecuador. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Pilots from around the World are coming to the Forbes Flatlands, and pre-Worlds
in January 2012. See you there. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
33° 0'50.24"S, 151°42'6.71"E,Airborne factory, Redhead, NSW,
Rory Duncan from the Airborne factory flying the Mylar Sting 154.
Rory has been flying the standard Dacron version and this was his first flight
on the Mylar version.  He had a big smile on his face on... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Dan Gravage <<dang>>
One of Montana's favorite soaring sites has recently been listed
for sale. While Roy and Sandy Rose (the current owners) have welcomed soaring
enthusiasts for over thirty years, the grim reality is that a new owner may feel
Soaring enthusiasts everywhere might relate to both the evolution... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Brett Hazlett is going to North Eastern Brazil attempting world
records. He writes:
The first attempt is planned for this Saturday mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report Hill <<wesleyianhill>>
The Bogong Cup is cancelled.There are currently twelve entries for the 2012 Bogong Cup. As stated on the
website, if there were fewer than twenty entries by 15th October then the
competition would be cancelled. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
I made direct contact with a freight company at my nearest port
which is Felixstowe, Suffolk. I am sending all my gear (glider, doodlebug, paraglider plus most of my possessions ) For £175 plus a pick up fee of £74. It
will land in Brisbane in 38 days. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
A 2,600-foot tower planned for the Arizona desert will be the
world's second tallest structure and will be able to power 100,000 homes through
hot air alone.
The solar updraft tower, designed by EnviroMission, will work by collecting hot
air as it rises from the heated ground surrounding it. The very tall, narrow
tower... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
32.881678,-111.854982,Francisco Grande, Casa Grande, Arizona,
Frito-Lay’s Casa Grande facility plant in Arizona, PepsiCo’s North
America division, is a different story. The firm launched an ambitious
sustainability project, the "near net zero" effort that took a production
facility "off the... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
According to Dennis Pagen paraphrased in an open meeting here at
the Worlds called to discuss CIVL:
At the last CIVL Plenary the delegates wanted to discuss and vote on the Bureau
decision to adopt the EN 966 standard (what Gerolf characterized as the
paraglider helmet standard) as the only specification allowed for helmets flown
in Category... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
In January I reported that we had a new CIVL delegate from the
USHPA,, Jamie Shelden. When Jamie went to the CIVL
Plenary (meeting of all the delegates) in February, she was relegated to
alternate delegate as Dennis was there to "show her the ropes."Now, it appears from an email that I have received from... mehr
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