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10.06.2020, The Oz Report,cat:0,class:all,xctype:all,club:all,pilot:0_0,takeoff:all&sortOrder=LINEAR_DISTANCE(Ignore the bogus entry and the paramotor flight .)That would be Dustin's (followed by Jonny's) World Record. mehr
10.06.2020, The Oz Report
Facebook post
As part of our efforts to increase support for chapters, USHPA and
Recreation RRG will be hosting a webinar for USHPA chapters this Thursday, June
11 at 6:00 pm MT. The webinar will feature Steve Rohrbaugh, Recreation RRG USHPA
Chapter Liaison and Martin Palmaz, USHPA Executive Director covering topics
including risk... mehr
09.06.2020, The Oz Report

The storm to the east: mehr
09.06.2020, The Oz Report
Beth Van Eaton <<beth>>
I talked with Martin about this. He indicated that the location is
indeed no longer insured. However, if they can address the pending issues with
the RRG - or obtain comparable insurance (not likely) - then the event will
retain its sanctioning. They have until July 15th to do so. mehr
08.06.2020, The Oz Report
Right now:
Hitting over 55 mph when heading down wind and down to 2 mph when facing south.
Launched from the hillsides near Camp Wood, north northwest of Uvalde and west
of Leaky. Now north of I20, east northeast of Big Spring at 5:25 PM CDT. Over
200 miles so far. Launch before 10 AM.

The cu's do not make... mehr
07.06.2020, The Oz Report

2020 Hurricane Open
USHPA National Championship Series event*
USHPA Sanctioned PG Race To GoalLocation: Henson
Gap, Tennessee
Event Dates: August 29 - September 5, 2020
Register Dates: January 1 - August 29, 2020
Organizer: Alejandro Albornoz |
Website:... mehr
06.06.2020, The Oz Report
Just in case others need a little inspiration
They never met, but their early lives ran a strikingly similar
course. They were both Chinese-American women who thwarted layers of prejudice
and preconception to become World War II pilots. One died young,... mehr
05.06.2020, The Oz Report

Major says that you have to personal message their Facebook Page to see these as
they are not up on their web site yet.
Girls only apparently. Previously they just had paragliders on their leggings. mehr
05.06.2020, The Oz Report

Thanks to Jim Lamb. mehr
05.06.2020, The Oz Report

If you want to learn how to do aerotowing with Dragonfly Erick
Salgado Ribera and Free Flight Mexico, we are starting an operation to continue
promoting flight in hang gliders. We will be giving courses, foot launch flights
and aerotowing clinics.
I hope you can join us. mehr
04.06.2020, The Oz Report
Charlie Baughman <<circle.with.eagles>>
Peregrine Falcons are super fast and not afraid to attack any
birds in their nesting territory. I watched and photographed this bird dive at a
Red tailed Hawk five times.  It made passes from the right to left and did a
climbing turn to the right after each dive.
The main... mehr
04.06.2020, The Oz Report
03.06.2020, The Oz Report
Gregg Ludwig <<gregg.ludwig.cfi>>
We will have a summer flying camp June 22-29 in west Texas flying
from Marfa airport, elevation 4848’.
Dry Line? West of it, East of it, or right in the middle of it?
Marfa a well known old time sailplane starting point. mehr
02.06.2020, The Oz Report
Larry writes:
On Saturday, Kris and I decided to test out his tow rig again at
Cullom, Illinois (southwest of Chicago). Conditions looked to be quite good with
a brisk north northwest wind turning north at the Indiana/Illinois border. We
set our sites on going to Kentucky.Big John towed me up around 11:30 into a fat thermal and I took it to... mehr
02.06.2020, The Oz Report
The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a break and time for many
changes to the Airtribune competition management system. Meet organizers will be
impressed with the increased power and flexibility. For example, you are now
able to attach "notes" to each pilot to track whatever information that you
Also the Apple version of the Airtribune... mehr
01.06.2020, The Oz Report

Flew from Cosmos, Minnesota (west of Minneapolis) to the airport
in Forest City, Iowa (just across the border) on Saturday. Launched late at 1:45
pm, but still did 138 miles in 6 hours landing at 7:30pm. Dusty, a local
paraglider pilot chased after me and picked me up very soon after I landed. I
had no idea someone was chasing me until... mehr
01.06.2020, The Oz Report
Digifly USA writes:
Digifly launches its NEW instrument the AIR HG. A new option for
Hang Gliding pilots interested in using a more aerodynamic option.

The AIR HG has been designed for Hang Gliding pilots. This new design is the
fusion of an aerodynamic and robust exterior with an internal hardware based on
the AIR BT with a pitot tube. The... mehr
31.05.2020, The Oz Report

Looks like Krzy went half a kilometer further a bit to Larry's west.
The US way way ahead:
Poland rising basically due to Krzy. mehr
29.05.2020, The Oz Report

Looks like it does at Wilotree Park (when we are there).
Thousands of acres of natural land will be conserved under a
series of Florida Forever deals approved by the governor and state cabinet... mehr
29.05.2020, The Oz Report
A closed 600 km circuit flown on an Archaeopteryx.
On the 27.05.2020 Franz Pacheiner completes a really big flight. After an
aerotowed launch he flew for 10 hours and 40 minutes to an altitude up to 4200
meters. From his home turf in southern Austria, his circuit covered... mehr
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