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Melissa's Place

Melissa's Place
Golden Glades, Kamshet

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A unique paragliding retreat, offering lakeside views, fresh breeze and convenient access to several flying sites near the village of Kamshet (2.5 hrs. from Bombay, 1.5 hrs. from Pune).

The guest house is roomy, clean and affordable and operates on a full-board basis. Julian, the resident cook, prepares delicious vegetarian meals from organically homegrown produce. Dedicated transportation to the flying sites leaves the house daily.

The area is flyable almost daily and is extremely consistent with the exception of the monsoon season (June-September), The local flying caters to all pilot levels. Beginners can easily log 2 hours in ridge lift mixed with thermals. XC opportunities abound for the more experienced pilots. The LZs are wide open and the scenery rugged and breathtaking.

Pleasant warm air aloft and cloud base over 3000 m, the flying here is not easily forgotten. In fact, most visiting pilots who fly here once return for more of that Kamshet PG Magic.
Paragliding Flugschule Asien » Indien,Melissa's Place,
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Paragliding Flugschule Asien » Indien,Melissa's Place,Melissa's House
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Melissa's House
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