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Havana City Paragliding Club

Yurai Núñez Rodríguez
Juan Manuel Gómez Ramos
Eliecer González Rodríguez

Phone: +53-7-788480
Fax: +44-870-124-9437 (UK)
+1-520- 832-4857 (USA)
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Well, everything began when Fabio made a trip to Europe in the summer of 1998. There, he had the chance to meet Laureano Casado in Madrid, whom he shared our dream of flying and some ultralight flights with. He was given a donation of the two first equipments our club had (a Winglider and a SilverGhost wings and two harnesses) and some basic bibliography. Passing through Leida, Fabio met Anthony Cabiscol and Josep Antonio. He made tandem flights with Josep at the Pirinaics and received from Anthony, a Gamma 52 wing (Swing-Up). This, completed our initial equipment.

After returning to Cuba, on January 1999, Fabio founded with Eliecer (a friend of hanglider flights) what, at that moment, wasn't actually a "free flight club". They had previously taken a course on paraglider and hanglider flight, taught by Lázaro Santacruz - who had been a pupil of Laureano Casado in Spain, few years ago. Here, the rest of the members - most of them, University mates - joined the crew, looking for adventure and feeding their curiosity. We had the "Basic Course on Paragliding" by Antonio Robles Catalá.

We made our first "flights" at Santa Cruz del Norte; the nearest flying zone to Havana City. In the summer of 1999, we visited the Isle of Youth; there, we shared flights (our best flights) with local, more experienced pilots, had knowledge interchange and expent an excelent flying season together.

Though, our history is not so long yet, we already have some experience which, will continue to increase; thus, there's an invitation to share our landscapes and skies with us.

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