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Marfa Expedition Day 1

Larry Bunner writes:

Sunday was a bit of a cluster for day 1. We had the last minute details to work
out and met with the Airport Manager and Airport Administrator (who flew in from
Corpus Christi). Once they found out the qualifications of all the pilots,
things went smoothly. They have provided a hangar for the week for a nominal fee
and have given us the ok to tow from the taxi ways.

Rich Reinauer kicked things off by towing soon after noon, sank out and then
towed up again and thermaled on out of the airport heading east. He landed a
short distance away at Alpine due to some short lived over-development on his
course track.

After short adjustments on the tug I was lined up on the cart when my
harness zipper broke thus putting me into repair mode for the afternoon.

Glen had a fine flight doing a triangle to Alpine, Fort Davis and back getting
to 15300'.

Mick Howard launched last and had the flight of the day proceeding up highway 17
through the Davis Mountains and onward to the NE. Last I heard, he was near
Pecos and quite high. Robin and Nathan arrive to fly tomorrow.

The forecast on Monday is for west wind 5 to 15 mph, 102 degrees.
Tuesday northeast wind. Wednesday east wind.
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