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Attempting 100 miles out and return

The soarcast for Saturday


1 PM - 5,900' cloud base (54 F)

Updraft velocity - 620 fpm

B/S ratio - 10.0

TOL - 6,600'

Surface winds - W 5 mph

4000' winds - W 3 mph

Cloud cover - 32% going to 23%

Mostly sunny, with a high near 89. Calm wind becoming south southwest around 5

Launch - 1:00 PM


Quest - 5 km

Fantasy - 1 km

Clinton - 400 m

Panolk - 3 km

Quest - 400 m

163.3 km = 101.5 miles

HRRR 3 showed a sea breeze coming in at 4 PM

This is the forecast for 5 PM for the Buoyancy/Shear ratio at 5 PM showing the
surface winds.

Larry didn't want to risk it going to the west side of the Green Swamp. It
turned out that the sea breeze didn't come in if at all until very late, sundown

So I set a 100 mile out and return task:

Quest - 5 km

Dallas - 1 km

T33DS - 1 km

Quest - 400 m

161.6 km

I took off first at 12:12 PM and got right to cloud base at 3000'. Greg Dinauer
was right with me. We worked together going west to the next cloud and then
north to the chicken coops north of Mascotte climbing to cloud base at 3,600'

We had to work weak lift by Grass Roots airfield while Larry was still south of
Wilotree Park working to get up. We finally found 300+ fpm to the northwest and
climbed to the misty areas at 3,800'. The winds were very light.

Four kilometers to the northwest we found light lift to 3,500' then lost 500'
searching for better. The next cu's were 8 kilometers away. I went on glide
toward the prisons to the northwest thinking that the day was over for me. At
900' I saw Misael Rosalez turning at about 1,200'. He had been just above Greg
and I in the last thermal.

I found the thermal just to the south of Misael and climbed to 4,100' at over
300 fpm. I was just east of the prisons.

I headed north of the Turnpike and found weak lift at 2,900'. Not too many
landing areas in this area so I was being careful. I headed for a cloud that got
me to possible landing areas. Before I got to it I found 260 fpm from 1,900' to

I was just west of the Villages with plenty of open fields. I headed north to
the next cu's and found 260 fpm to 4,800'. Another thermal to 4,800' and then it
was a glide to the grass airfield at Dallas. just northwest of the Villages. The
wind was out of the south at 7 mph.

I made the turnpoint at 3,100'. There was a huge cu right there a little to the
west. I worked weak lift just to the south of the turnpoint then went further
south toward forming cu's. Larry came into the turnpoint at 4,000' and soon Greg
made the turnpoint a bit lower than I.

I found 300 fpm and climbed to 4,600' with Greg coming in with me. Larry went
further south but then landed.

Going further south the lift improved and we found 400 fpm to 5,700' right over
the middle of the Villages. We were right above Larry.

After climbing in the next thermal to 5,200' I headed south toward the Turnpike.
Greg was behind and lower. There were lots of cu's ahead by the Turnpike.

Greg and I worked the first lift just north of the construction area north of
the Turnpike. But we could only get 90 fpm to 3,000'. There were plenty of big
cu's just to the south of the Turnpike. We finally went for them.

Down to 2,100' We found 60 fpm and worked it for twenty minutes drifting to the
east slowly to 3,200'. Greg was just below me and we were both just hanging on.
We were over a shadow and under a big dark cu.

Finally I headed west and Greg southwest to get on the sunny side of the cu. We
just lost lift going down at 500 fpm. Greg was very low. I was at 2,600'.

I headed south as Greg south of me headed east along the county road. At 700'
AGL just as he was about to land he found 500 fpm. I came over to him at 1,300',
he at 1,200'. The lift went away. The wind was only 3 mph out of the southwest.

We landed together next to the road.

You can find Larry and my flights here:,cat:2,class:all,xctype:all,club:all
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