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Cross Country 101 Clinic - reminder

April Mackin <<thatmackin>>

On March 21- 25, 2020 Paradise Air Sports will host another
mentored hang gliding, "Cross Country 101 Flying clinic". If you are new to
Cross Country, have never flown Cross Country, would like to learn the
ins-and-outs of Cross Country flying, this is for you. If you are more advanced
and would like to gain experience by flying with our mentors, this is for you.

A few of the things you could expect from Cross Country 101: how to pick safe
landing fields and what to look for, how to spot and work with thermals, how to
read weather reports, what to look for in weather reports, working with and
knowing your instruments, as well as proper flight park etiquette. Pilots and
mentors will work in small groups so that your specific concerns can be

The fee for the clinic is $325.00 for 5 days. This includes: 1 tow per day (up
to 4,000 feet if needed), daily park fees, retrieves, and mentors. After the
first daily tow, the fee will be $30.00 per tow. Accommodations and camping at
the park are available at additional cost.

For more information or to sign up please contact April Mackin at (321) 229-0458
or Email Jim Prahl at <comptowfees>. We ask that you to prepay the $325.00 so we have an
accurate account of participants, their needs, skill levels and mentors needed.
Our PayPal account for the entry fee is <comptowfees>.

To make reservations for accommodation please contact Paradise Air Sports, 6548
Groveland Airport Rd, Groveland Florida, 34736, (352) 429-0210

"Our mission is to encourage new pilots to further their hang gliding experience
in a safe and informative environment with the undivided attention of top-rated
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