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Naviter Blade

A few weeks ago I purchased a Naviter Blade from Flytec USA, I was already familiar with the Oudie
4/Full/Pro having customized it to replicate the functionality of a Flytec 6030
and having flown with it. The Blade is an Oudie 4/Full/Pro in a streamlined pod.

You can see my earlier article comparing the Flytec 6030 to the Oudie 4 here:

I replaced my Flytec 6030 on the left hand side of the base tube with the Blade,
but at first kept the Volirium P1 on the right hand down tube. I liked the sound
of the P1 as it was very encouraging. I also like the big (very readable)
numbers on the P1.

I very much like the vario tones on the Blade and it is quite loud at 100%
volume (which you can easily adjust in flight). After a few flights I took the
P1 off and just flew with the Blade as its encouraging vario tones were similar
to the P1.

So far I really like the Blade and will continue flying with it.

I can see the numbers for Ground Speed and Total Air Speed, although at the
moment they are not as big as the ones on the P1 (they are set to huge size).
The screen also displays Speed To Fly, but it is not the right number. It shows
a STF total air speed of under 30 mph. It should be based on my McCready setting
(200 fpm) and polar. I used the polar that I developed from the Wills Wing polar
site for the T2C, and the Blade seemed to match the polar curve numbers that I
generated but the STF is flat out wrong, So I ignore it for now.

Unlike with the Flytec 6030 the pilot sets the McCready value before flight, but
they can change it in flight if desired. On the Flytec 6030 the McCready value
is set as the average climb rate in the last thermal.

There is a wind direction arrow indicator that is easy to see, but  with
very very small letters displaying the direction and wind speed. They are almost
impossible to read. But, just tap the wind direction arrow and you'll get a
readable set of numbers for direction and wind speed at your current and other
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