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Flytec 6030 update

Joerg Ewald <<joerg.ewald>>

We have just released a new software version for the Flytec 6030 /
Bräuniger IQ Compeo+, with the following changes:

Fix a bug in flight recording that could lead to the IGC file missing entries
when GPS reception was bad or absent.

Improved battery charge curves for more accurate battery charge indication.

New battery option: Eneloop Pro 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries.

Download the update from here:

All the pilots going to the Worlds next month, now would be a perfect time to
get your vario ready for the big event:

Update your vario to the newest version. Really, I highly recommend it, no
matter how enamored you are with that 10+-year-old version that has served you
so well all these years. The current one *is* better, has fewer bugs, and is
required for the next step.

Obtain the release code that allows you to turn on WGS84 distance calculation,
which will be used at the Worlds for the first time in a Hang-Gliding Category 1
event. Instructions for that can also be found at the page linked above. If you
have any problems with updating your vario or switching to WGS84, or questions
about those things, contact us directly at <support>.

Felix Cantesanu and I are in contact. One of his 6030's suffers from bad GPS
reception, as sometimes happens with older ones. His information also helped us
discover a software bug that caused 'holes' in the IGC file when GPS reception
is bad or absent. The bug is now fixed in the new version linked to above.

Steve Kroop <<info>>

Flytec USA is happy to assist North American pilots with their
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