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Digifly defends their implementation of this waypoint naming convention

Digifly USA <<flydigifly>>

First of all, we are not upset, we are always polite and, I'm
beginning to think that we may be too polite.

It was urgent to clarify this subject, just as it was urgent for you to publish
the article without verifying any of the information. This is why we sent you
the facts without any adornments. Thanks for publishing it.

Second of all, the author of the text, Matt, stated and wrote in his article
that there is a bug in the Digifly and the article is titled "Digifly Waypoint
Bug" and this is completely false, as we have already explained. Don't change
what he wrote or try to smooth it out, please. It is a false statement, we
understand it's due to a lack of knowledge. Moreover, you reasserted this
information by publishing the article and adding your comment (below the title),
which tries to redeem Flytec from its recurring problems.

Third, regarding your new comment before our text "They like their naming
convention": don't be wrong, what we do like is manufacturing reliable,
affordable instruments, keeping our software up-to-date...and we are proud to
achieve this. And, yes, we think it is good to continue to recognize this naming
format, just as it is possible to choose not to use this format. The user

Anyway, this naming convention was created by Brauninger as can be seen from
this excerpt from one of the Flytec Manuals (highlighted in yellow in the image

"However, the FLYTEC 6030 GPS also converts Waypoints entered according to the
previous norm, introduced by Bräuniger: 3 letters and 3 numbers. Example: FIE112
indicates a Waypoint with the name FIExxx and an altitude of 1120 meters above
sea level"

Fourth: yes Matt, the Digifly AIR manual (link) explains how to create and name
waypoints and how this format works (pg. 33): "Name: 6 characters: aaaNNN (aaa:
3 alphanumeric characters, NNN: waypoint altitude ASL, in tens of mts). Note: if
the NNN field doesn’t contain 3 numbers, the AIR uses information on the
Altitude field.

Altitude: altitude in meters. Note: this field is used only if the NNN part of
the name field of the waypoint doesn’t contains three numbers."

As can be read in the manual, when this naming format is used, the waypoint's
altitude used for all navigation calculations, will be taken from the naming
format. If this naming format is not used, then the instrument will use the
information recorded in the waypoint's altitude field.

Fifth: Lack of knowledge, does not mean someone is right. I have been flying for
12 years and have been given this type of naming format in several competitions
and always thought that it was quite normal for my instrument, before a 6030 and
since 5 years ago a Digifly AIR, would recognize this format. On the other hand,
it is the first time since I have been flying, that I see a competition waypoint
file that does not take into account the existence of this format. It is
understandable that the person who created this file forgot about it or got

To summarize: There is no bug in the Digifly. Lack of knowledge may cause us to
reach the wrong conclusions.

Luckily, the file owner can correct it before a may pilot complain.

Once again Davis, thanks for publishing this text. We look forward to seeing
everyone at Quest next week and remember that we are always happy to help pilots
understand any questions they may have about our instrument. Feel free to send
us an email if you have any questions!

As a reminder to everyone, we have several resources where pilots may find
complete and reliable information on the Digifly AIR, visit,
where they may find our Owners' Manual, FAQs, YouTube tutorials, etc. and that
they may either use the contact form on our website, send us an email to our
Gmail account () or call/text 240-DGFLYUS (240.347.5987) for further
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