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Paul Voight on the USHPA BOD reform vote

Paul writes:

Well, even with the newest "improved" governance proposal, I'm not
a fan. The members need to vote against this proposal. My MAIN objection is that
I don't think the old system is broken. I saw it work great for many, many

The decline in our Sports is what has folks frustrated and they think changing
the BOD structure is going to fix the Sports. Not going to happen.

When the insurance crisis happened, yes, the mechanics of the "large" BOD were
problematic in a time crunch situation, and also frustrated these same people.
But they made fast decisions, with only a few people in the work-group, and got
it done. Trouble is, the RRRG product they came up with, is fraught with major

Instructors are bailing left and right. Schools are closing. A "1 man show"
small school instructor can't AFFORD to be an instructor nowadays. WE NEED those
guys out there making pilots and members. Very soon, only a handful of large
schools will be left.

Anyway, the decline in the Sports won't be fixed (well) (or at all) by a smaller

Creating a small board, so it can function "effectively", like the RRRG group
did,. (Making a BOD and Bylaws that allow this to be "proper" procedure) is not
in the USHPA membership's best interest, (IMO).

A great analogy is: “The ship is sinking,  and this “restructuring the
board idea” is just re-arranging the chairs on the dec, rather than deal with
the huge hole in the side of the ship” (Losing instructors, not generating new
members, basically withering away to nothing, )

We have WASTED the last 12-18 months discussing this already, and plan to waste
the next 3-5 months even if it doesn’t pass the membership vote. THEN,  we
will have to expend time and resources to address glitches in the roll out, 
ver (I predict) the next 3 years or more. (while still putting out RRRG fires).
In 5 years, new board members will inherit this nightmare, as the board changes
personnel, and they will have one mess on their hands. (and very few pilot

The 5 Regions in the proposal are kinda hokey. It's just a “fix” (to the
original proposal that had no regions) to appease the folks who were not in
favor of the original proposal. I don't think the membership will have enough
intel or enthusiasm to vote for people from all over the country for this "new
board". Vote minimums will not be met.

I believe self interest groups could get a person (or more) on to this new board
with enough lobbying amongst the conspirators. I don't believe committee work
will happen as they hope it will, outside of this small board. Why would it ?

A LARGE part of this proposal (besides “shrinking” the board) involves
attempting to get “diversity” on the board. Persons who WIN elections, 
WILL BE BY-PASSED for persons of diverse age, wing type, gender and Region.
There is also a possibility that a region(s) can be left with NO regional
directors if no “viable” persons from a region get enough votes nationally.

I would hate to see this proposal pass, and then, worse yet fail. I'm not sure
the large (current) board can fix the Sports either, at this point, but they can
produce as good (or probably better/more well vetted), policies than a small
board would, and can start doing it NOW without this distraction!
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