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2018 Green Swamp Sport Klassic

Belinda is welcoming a special visitor from Mongolia to the 2018
Green Swamp Sport Klassic. She has sent him a letter to help get a visa to come
to the U.S. We are happy to invite him and will make sure that his visit will be
productive. We certainly wish to encourage hang gliding development in his

Belinda wanted to make sure that he was indeed a legitimate representative from
his country and she received this letter on Thursday.


Ms. Belinda Boulter

Meet Director

2018 Green Swamp Sport Klassic

Groveland, Florida

United States of America

Dear Ms. Boulter,

My name is Mr. Tuguldur, and I am the Head of the Mongolian Hang Gliding and
Paragliding Association (MHPA). Our association is relatively a new organization
that was established a year ago. We have applied to join the FAI through our
National Air Sports Federation, and hopefully, will get our sporting licenses in
the coming weeks.

We have a paragliding pilot and instructor, Mr. Gantulga, who has been going
paragliding since 2010. Mr. Gantulga had initially wanted to learn hang gliding
even before he started paragliding, but due to the lack of both instructor and
equipment in Mongolia, he had to give up his dream.

We have learnt about the 2018 Green Swamp Sport Klassic event from your website.
The MHPA is interested in sending Mr. Gantulga to get some firsthand experience
in hang gliding, observing your event and even doing some volunteer work for
you. Furthermore, we will encourage him to apply to the Quest Air Hang Gliding
School to learn some initial hang gliding skills.

We sincerely hope for your cooperation and would appreciate any guidance on how
we can proceed with the application process for Mr. Gantulga.


Mr. Tuguldur Tsogtsaikhan

Head of Mongolian Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

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