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14.09.2006, The Oz Report
David Glover sent this KMZ file: mehr
14.09.2006, The Oz Report
If you have one of these, tell us how it works for you. Especially Bluetooth and
output. mehr
14.09.2006, Entflogen
Endlich im Drautal angelangt, stehen die 3 Eroberer vor der verschlossenen Schranke des Fliegercamps im Drautal. Scheint als habe die Burg geschlossen…
Für unser heutiges Verständnis mag das merkwürdig klingen, aber die 3 Touristnix haben dann wirklich auf dem 3-Meter-Brett im Badesee übernachtet. Ehrlich gesagt war auf dem Sprungbrett... mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report

... Is still a bad day ...

The video of how things can go wrong quickly. Thanks to Dave
Glover. mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report

... A special built trailer. ...

Raven Sky Sports
A Dragonfly Aerotug on a road trip is a very fragile thing, and
any bumps, dings, or even rubs/abrasions incurred during transport could easily
result in a grounded airplane in... mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report

... Wikipedia Vs. Britannica ...

In the Wall Street Journal (no fee)
here. They squabble like children. mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report

... Maybe it will be opened up again. ...

Earlier Oz Report articles on Vista Point
Mike Hilberath
Well HANG GLIDING COMMUNITY, you can all pat yourselves on the
back yet again! The BLM, on Sept. 9th, 2006, has decided to... mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report

... A little too rough ...

Bart and Tiki from Cowboy Up (
were towing out at Alpine again today, but the first tandem passengers were
Bart's dad and older sister from Holland. THen it was Belinda's turn, but Bart
felt that it was now too rough for a tandem flight.
I was ready to go in the Wills Wing Falcon 3 -... mehr
13.09.2006, Entflogen
Ein 72-jähriger Deutscher wollte am Dienstag gegen 15.30 Uhr mit einem Gleitschirm vom Startplatz der Finkenberger Almbahnen talwärts fliegen.
Den kompletten Pressebericht findet Ihr bei Mein Tirol online mehr
13.09.2006, Entflogen
In Loffenau ist gestern nachmittag ein Drachenflieger verunglückt. Der 46-Jährige hatte beim Start mit einem Hängegleiter nicht die nötige Flughöhe erreicht.
Den kompletten Pressebericht findet Ihr bei Baden Online mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report Thanks to Dave Glover.
13.09.2006, The Oz Report
Jeff O'Brien
Last weekend Adam West and I spent a day static line towing on the
Bonneville Salt Flats. The flats are the driest they've been in years and the
raceway is set up for "World of Speed" Sept. 13-16. More details and photos... mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report Thanks to David Glover. mehr
13.09.2006, The Oz Report
Bjørn T. Hammer <>
Here in Norway we have had three Aeros Viper harnesses (of how
many sold, I to not know, but it is quite a few) in which the carbon back plate
has cracked. Two, mine included, has large cracks from the outer edges of... mehr
12.09.2006, Entflogen
Wir befinden uns im Jahr 2006 n. Chr. Ganz Greifenburg ist von Touristen besetzt. Ganz Greifenburg? Nein, 2 Flieger und eine Fußgängerin hören nicht auf, der totalen flugtouristischen Erschließung Widerstand zu leisten…
Die Digitalkamera hat noch niemand erfunden. Startnixfix sitzt in seiner Hütte und starrt auf eine flimmernde... mehr
12.09.2006, The Oz Report
Dan Johnson <>
EAA is posthumously inducting Bob Lovejoy and Volmer Jensen into
their Ultralight Hall of Fame. Both are mainly known -- at least to me -- as
hang glider guys. But, I want to support EAA's effort to bring these... mehr
12.09.2006, The Oz Report
On Sunday, Bart, Walt, and I went up to the south southeast facing
Phillips launch right above Wilson, Wyoming, in Jackson Hole, five miles west of
downtown Jackson. It's on the leeward side of the Tetons and you go there when
you want to foot launch, it's unstable, and the winds from the west haven't come
down to be over the back.
The... mehr
12.09.2006, The Oz Report
43°10'31.00"N, 111° 2'2.00"W, Alpine mehr
12.09.2006, The Oz Report
Gerry Farell reminds me of an article that I referred to earlier,
but which is still relevant even with our tails:
In order to develop effective strategies for the prevention of
spinning it is initially necessary to recognise when, how and why spinning
occurs. The following points... mehr
12.09.2006, The Oz Report
Alberto Lanzarote
sends this picture of his new Skyline ZD FR harness which he characterizes as
very comfortable and very professional:

William Olive William.
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