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James Bradley Comes Back

James writes:

Steve Pearson says growth is one of the metrics we should pay
attention to, like profit in a business. I agree with that and I said as much.
What doesn’t work is to have it be the mission statement, or the primary basis
for compensating the executive director.

Growth isn’t a purpose. Profit isn’t a purpose. Wills Wing doesn’t do what it
does to make a profit. It has to make a profit to stay in business but profit
isn't why Steve gets out of bed in the morning. In a crisis profit might be your
driver, but that’s so you can get through and go back to delivering on why
you’re doing this.

It’s funny that he mentions Apple as an example, because Apple illustrates my
point. More than almost any company Apple has been driven by changing the world,
not by profit. When they lost their way it was because their leadership had lost
sight of this. Profit, and growth, have come for them — early and more recently
— as a side effect of delivering well on an inspired idea of why are we doing
this. If they had set their mission to be growth they’d be a footnote somewhere.

Steve rhetorically answers: Can anyone tell me why age is an essential diversity
requirement and while race is not?

Remember we're talking specifically and only about USHPA. We picked age over
race because USHPA is more age diverse. If the membership had a deep mix of
races with most members in a narrow age range, we’d have made a different

I don’t believe the right goal is to have a democratic process. I believe the
right goal is to get USHPA the most effective board possible from the candidates
available, to the maximum extent that this can be achieved with an algorithm.
Nothing is going to please any one person every time, including elections with
no matrix.

Somehow Steve ignores Tiki’s misrepresentation of issues and her baseless
accusation against hardworking volunteers, as if these things don’t matter. I
think they do matter.
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