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Eduardo Garza

Huge congratulations to New England local, Eduardo Garza for being
one of only 25 athletes selected for the 2021 RedBull X-Alps. So amazing to see
a pilot we fly with regularly competing at the highest level of paragliding.
Paraglide New England is super proud to be one of your sponsors. Good luck with
your training Eduardo, we can't wait to watch the race next year.

One of the best flying moments has been flying 100+ km tasks in North Macedonia
in the 2019 FAI World Championship with some of the best pilots in the world.
Racing in strong conditions at over 40 km/hr, where finishing 5 minutes after
the leader can mean being in 100th place, forces you to keep your focus at all
times. After 2 weeks, 10 tasks and close to 1,000 kilometers flown, I can safely
say this was one of the best competitions I have participated in.

Regarding worst moments, this would be during the 2019 X-Alps where on Day 5
trying to get to TP 6 Davos but I waited too long to take-off for my 3rd flight
of the day, and when in the air a T-storm forced me to land. Skies opened up
again to a beautiful blue, so I hiked Motta Naluns, just to be greeted by rain
at the exact moment I reached my launch spot (yes, it happened at the precise
moment when I laid my pack down!). Waited for a clearing in the rain and
launched into strong West winds, which put me on the same spot on the valley
where I was 3 hrs before.
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