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New Carbon Fiber Downtubes

Check out our New Carbon Fiber Downtubes. These are made in house
from 100% carbon fiber prepreg. They are our lowest drag downtube option while
also saving 1.5 pounds over a set of Slipstream 2 Aluminum downtubes. They are
even lighter then Litestream, saving about 1/3rd of a pound.

Higher performance and lower weight.

The wall thickness is specifically engineered to be non-uniform, thicker where
required for the necessary structural properties, and thinner everywhere else to
save weight.

We have a few sets of these in stock and ready to ship so call your local dealer
today to order.

We made a new mold. We’re using an internal mandrel that results in a smooth
internal finish. The wall thicknesses in non-uniform with thicker cap strips.
Still prepreg but the cure pressure in now even higher at about 8 bar/120 psi or
more. Altogether they are both stronger and lighter. The biggest improvement is
that we’re making them at Wills Wing.
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