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Hang Gliding Simulator

The weight-shift control model and a proper multi-body physical
simulation of this simulator make it very distinct from traditional aircraft
simulators and perfect for simulating ultralight aircraft like hang-gliders.

Desktop (non-VR) version is available here on for free, however the
hang-gliding simulator was originally developed as a VR teaching aid in a
hang-gliding course with realism and piloting exercises in mind. Hardware
components were made out of real hang-glider parts. The software was developed
specifically for this purpose because existing generic flight simulators do not
simulate weight-shift controlled aircraft accurately enough. Therefore, custom
aerodynamics and rigid body setup were developed in Unreal Engine 4. To our
knowledge this makes it the only simulator of its kind in the world.

Current simulator design enables VR experience in both the sitting and the full
hang-glider rig setup with multiple realism options. It can also be run as a
standard desktop flight simulation. Future plans include spectator mode for
training and real-time flight analysis, multiplayer for group soaring exercises,
higher realism in thermals simulation and rendering, and much much much more…

VR variant will soon be available via Patreon tiers (see "More information" for
the link to Patreon page).
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