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We helped the Rainbow Room

Becky Moughon <<rurevic>>

Belinda wrote:

I've just submitted the request for payment to the Cloudbase Foundation. After
they review it, they'll mail a check for $5,885 to your P.O. Box. That includes
$1000 matching funds from the Foundation. For an off-year, we're feeling pretty
good about what the pilots have donated. Clearly, Big Spring is in their hearts.

Belinda, This is astounding news. I don’t know what I can say that would be
adequately appreciative. I was working on my computer to prepare for the Child
Welfare Board meeting via Zoom this evening and found your lovely email. I will
proudly announce the incredible generosity of our beloved hang glider group to
the members today and they will be so pleased and grateful.

We did not expect anything this year and we were sadly preparing for a meager
Christmas 2020 for our Howard County kids. Your wonderful group has just changed
that. Yay We Love you all Thank you so much.

I also loved reading about how and where you and Davis are spending your time
these days. It sounds beautiful. You absolutely did the right thing to call the
competition off this year. I am sad to hear you won’t be organizing any more,
but I completely understand. It is obviously a huge, exhausting, and amazing
project, and I can tell that you did such a good job managing it. Things are
indeed “cloudy“ for us all right now, but I really hope to see you both again.
Thank you for including us in your lives. Please stay well.
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