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Carl Walbank writes about flying in the UK today.

What a fantastic day, probably my most enjoyable hang gliding day
of the year. It's 1st Oct and RASP indicates is should be very good (not
possible, it's 1st Oct). RASP was right.

The morning clouds although low looked stunning. Donald tows Steven, Bill and I
up swiftly before noon and we play in weak lift up to cloudbase at around 3000
ft, base rises to 4000 ft shortly after and we find ourselves play cat and mouse
with each other in and out of the wisps up the sides of the clouds.

The low autumnal sunlight glistening with every silver edge of lively and
buoyant clouds. Good photography in this light would have been stunning but none
of us have prepared.

Cloud streets are in force and run for miles off the end of all west and east
horizons, and downwind dash to Cambridge or beyond is a very tempting option.
Instead we push upwind into the 18 to 22 km/h headwind and enjoy one particular
cloud street (photographed by Michelle on the ground). It is very powerful
putting out 800 ft/min over a large area which makes staying out the cloud
challenging yet immense fun.

After three hours playing around the clouds, we all meet up near to Croft and
land within minutes of each other. Butty Bach, great company, and a good debrief
enthusiastically followed in the pub.

Days like this are oh so rare, yet fantastic when they happen. Thanks to all who
helped getting us in the air today.
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