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David Hanning's Reply

Dave Hanning <<dave.hanning>>

I am sorry that Mrs Dittman is disappointed in the way we operate
our flying activities. I can not claim credit nor responsibility for her real
estate decisions, her husband’s flying decisions or their feelings about the

We continue to be excited about the future of flying here in the Sequatchie
Valley because each year we see more pilots flying and more pilots from out of
state visiting us to stay and fly here in Tennessee. What was once an empty
launch and LZ are now full of flying enthusiasm from pilots of all ages and wing
types. We see an increase in access for paragliding across the region with new
site development and old sites getting renewed, used and loved by the new
generation of pilots and an enthusiasm for flying that has reached every corner
of the Southeast. New state distance records are happening every year. More
events are happening each year. Pilots are flying every day at a place that was
lost and forgotten to all.

The growth here in Tennessee is real and We all have a rich resource of flying
sites here in the Southeast USA with incredible weather for flying. Tennessee
Sequatchie Valley has 2 World Class flying sites (Whitwell and Henson Gap) with
an incredible and ever growing community of caring, active pilots.

None of us are happy about the ongoing discord created and maintained here in
our neighborhood. Both sides lose when these kinds of issues are not laid to
rest. We hope everyone will join in and enjoy the evolution of Free Flight being
experienced in Tennessee and the Southeast USA, but we understand change is hard
and that not all of the pilots see the changes as good for flying in Tennessee.
We remain hopeful that the new pilots joining our sport will remain committed to
the club and org, so that the incredible assets built by those who came before
us all will not disappear from lack of support or use.

I want everyone to know that all are welcome here in Tennessee and JUSTFLYSVS
Flight Parks. As direct neighbor and as a lifetime member of the TTT, I fully
support the club in all of the efforts to maintain and improve flying
paragliders and hang gliders here in the Sequatchie Valley of Tennessee. My
focus remains enabling people to become safe pilots and to helping them to
access the sky here in Tennessee and around the world.

I believe we all have the same desire to “just show up and fly”.  It is our hope
here in Tennessee Flying Camp, that moving into 2021, we can all enjoy the
reason we are a part of these great flying sports without further dilemma or
drama occurring from either side of the fence.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the letter you have posted in the Oz
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