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Elsinore to Andy Jackson

Zac writes:

Had my second flight at Lake Elsinore on Wednesday, and it was a
good one!

Adam Smith wanted to check out a new site, so we took a drive.

Very light winds at take off, and easy climb outs to 6,000 feet.

Adam didn't have a radio, and his phone connection didn't work, so we didn't get
to fly together. He had a great flight and after circling the lake a couple time
he landed with the sky divers at the DZ.

I headed east to go around the Marsh AFB airspace.

I had a flyby from a C17 on downwind, and then a closer buzz by a fire bomber
that deviating around me thermalling (no fires or TFRs nearby).

See the video at

I cut north just west of Soboba Flight Park and got a climb to 8,000 feet to get
me across the Banning Pass.

As I hit the foothills of San Gorgonio Mountaim my Flytec 6030 batteries died
(they'd been getting low for a couple weeks). I was able to use a phone app to
assist my climbs for the last 30km, and it worked well enough that I was able to
glide to a landing at Andy Jackson Air Park - LZ.

After a few hours in the air, I was finding my new Rotor Havana super
comfortable and effortless to use, including the confidence inspiring landing

Thanks to Steve Rousseau for driving and Dave Beardsley for the communication
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