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It's hard to set a record

Scot Huber writes:

I heard it through the grape vine. It costs nearly $1000 to get
your world record recorded. At least this is what Willy Dydo told me Owen Morse
told him it costs. I was there the day Willy looked like he would beat Owens

Owen and Jamie showed up at the finish point at Bartlett below Walts Point.
Apparently the New York Times sent a photographer out that day to get some shots
of Owen flying his wing. Willy had talked to them at launch that morning so they
knew his radio frequency and his intentions.

He had reported being at 16k and having an 8/1 glide on his 6030 to finish the
task, maybe 20 minutes earlier.

I was resting that day after going 200+ the day before trying to break the open
distance record, but wanted to be there if Willy made it. To take some video and
record his accomplishment.

When Owen and Jamie drove in myself and Jay, Willy's buddy and driver that day,
were in the lower LZ talking and listening to the radio.

The look of anxiety and apprehension on Owen's face when he said , "he is going
to make it, isn't he " were priceless. I said I don't think so, as the wind was
about 12 mph out of the south/south east and I knew where Willy had sent his
radio communication from, and there was no way in my experience that he had the
altitude to get in.

He soon came on and informed us he was landing south east of Lone Pine near the
136 Hwy. He had done a 222 mile out and return, but having gone out 3 miles
further then Owen had, was now 6 miles short of closing the task.

Owen and Jamie had big smiles and I just had a big grin inside of the whole
episode. That Owen is dating Jamie and she is on the rules committee just adds
more flavor to the mix.

I don't have any intention of paying anyone to get my name in a record book. I
fly hang gliders for the joy of being in the sky, and pushing the limits.
Politics and payments are a disgrace to the freedom and joy of flight.
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