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Krzy in Rough Air

This year here in the Midwest, USA we have had a couple of good XC
days. We were lucky to get north cold and dry air masses moving over our area.
We have been really focusing on not losing any XC possibilities.

Most times good thermaling conditions come with strong winds which create a lot
of turbulence in the air and less comfortable flying. I was happy to have this
opportunity to be in the air but I was more happy to fly my Litespeed RX 3.5
Pro. I’m no athlete so glider handling is the number 1 feature I'm focusing on
and the RX Pro is it! These challenging conditions require a lot of energy but
flying this glider, I feel very comfortable and safe. I was flying in extremely
turbulent condition last week and had a couple of times zero G, and never lost
any control of the wing! Flying in thermals I really rested most of the time
because I do not need to fight with the wing to prevent slipping inside turns. 2
fingers! No high siding! The handling being so easy in thermals is what saves a
lot of my energy when I’m a long time in the air.

Jumping from cloud to cloud I can really speed up with this super stable wing.
It has a similar response with different speed during glides in rough air. All
these features create a very safe and comfortable flying machine feeling.
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