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Grandpa's riding 15 hours a day

Yes, this isn't about hang gliding, but it's pretty cool. A 63
year old Canadian, is attempting to set a new world record for the most miles
ridden in a month (30 days). He suddenly popped up on my Trek Century Challenge
(I'm doing a little over 500 miles this month), There are
218,886 people participating in this virtual event. He's by far the furthest out

As of Sunday night he's ridden over 6,000 miles in 26 days. So far

10,144 km.
The record is 11,315 km set in 2017. He's 338 km ahead of the
record pace.

His story:

I'm a 63 year old grandpa - new to Strava, who left my business
job in 2006 to use my passion for cycling to raise awareness for an orphanage in
Kenya called Mully Children's Family. I've spent the last 15+ years doing
numerous ultra cycling races and now organizing my own cycling events to benefit
this amazing organization.

I currently hold the Guinness World Record for Fastest Time to Cycle Across
Canada, set in 2011. In July 2020 I'm attempting to break the Guinness Record
for Farthest Cycled in 1 Month (30 days)

He rides back and forth on a twenty mile long stretch.

Here he is showing what he eats at the end of the ride.

He does this for his special charity in Kenya:
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