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Moyes Hang Glider Prices and Options

For example:

USD $8,907* (ex GST)

USD $9,988* (ex GST)

USD $10,625* (ex GST)

Prices listed are RRP (regular retail price) not including packing, freight,
import fees, dealer preparation or delivery charges.

*USD, EU prices may vary on application due to exchange rates and should be used
as a guide only.

Vicki writes:

Prices are now available on our website
for beginner, intermediate and high-performance gliders; across all available
configurations and glider upgrade options, and harnesses. 


Simply head to,
click on “Hang Gliders “, select the model and glider you’d like to check out
and click on “Options & Prices”. You’ll then be able to select the currency
from: AUD (inc GST), AUD (exc GST), Euro or USD and the price list will update.
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