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01.01.1970, The Oz Report
NY Times article.
On one recent day, a handful of the club’s 260 members — 18 of
whom are women — drove their rickety old white pickup truck up a long, winding
road from Mosul to the top of a 4,265-foot hill overlooking the city. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Gary Osoba <<wosoba>> writes:
There is still time to sign up for the 2010 WRE in Zapata, Texas.
Rub shoulders with the winners of the two of the most successful US meets this
year - Davis Straub with the Texas Single Surface Shootout and Pete Lehmann at
the Midwest Championships last week.
Conditions... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
FAI sends:
Type of record : Out-and-return distance
Course/location : Burgsdorf (Namibia) - Bethanie (Namibia)
Performance : 337.4 km
Pilot : Jacques BOTT (France)
Hang Glider : Swift Light / Aeriane
Date :11.01.2010
Previous record : 330.6 km (12.02.1998 - James NEFF, Canada) mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Firmware Updates* HD HERO Cameras (Enables upside/down video capture...Coming Soon--please see
note below)Attention Friends of GoPro! We ask for your patience and understanding. The
firmware update for the HD HERO Camera is 99.99% complete. We are tweaking the
final settings at this very moment. Our... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The pilots decide not to fly given this:
We are on that peninsula on the right. And this forecast:
A chance of showers, then showers and possibly a thunderstorm after 2pm. High
near 77. Breezy, with a southeast wind between 17 and 20 mph. Chance of... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
 28.8°N, 81.87°W (Elev. 72 ft), Leesburg, FLWinds in mph.
09 17:53 NE 9 
09 16:53 N 8
09 15:53 E 9
09 14:53 Vrbl 5
09 13:53 Vrbl 6
09 12:53 NE 7
09 11:53 NE 9
09 10:53 NE 10
09 09:53 N 13
09 08:53 N 13 mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Looks like rain tomorrow also. Then should be good for the last
four days.

Dustin's IGC formatted
track log for the first day. They were just riding the front of the wave.
Notice how long they fly for going straight and staying up. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report Jonny Durand and Carl Wallbank are coming to compete in Florida. is still time to join them. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Twittering and Facebooking about the USHPA BOD meeting:
I'd have to say the Leon Bynum did a poor job running the Membership and
Development committee meeting. But then an hour and fifteen minutes wasn't
enough time, unless you really ran it right.
Looks like there will be a get... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

Seven national level hang gliding competitions in the US this year. A number of
them are using my freely available pilot registration system. It goes from the
Oz Report at no cost to organizers or pilots who have to pay the fees. It was
used recently for a speed gliding contest.Combine this with again a freely available scoring system, with... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The members of the PMA provide their products free of costs to
pilots for test flying. Instead of having several individual, time and money
consuming test camps spread all over the world, all manufacturers offer their
products at the beginning of the European flying season central in Europe in... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Many of the OLC's don't send their data to CIVL's WXC. Why?Because CIVL wants to get the data at no cost. The sites that gather this data
are in this as a business. They have sponsors that go to their sites to see the
data and they see the sponsor's ads. The data has value. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

Here.Thanks to Gordon Rigg. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

The meta tags in question weren't part of the lead generation program, they were
a short-term SEO test I ran... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Tom Weissenberger writes:
Already after 15 min I get to the end of the ridge. I look for a
good thermal to make cloud base and to set my turnpoint as far as possible off
shore. From 600 m I make it up to 1.200 m and I top out. Gliding over the sea
reminds me of flying at Stanwell Park playing the chicken game with Gerolf: the
pilot who turns... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Tim Ettridge <timothyettridge> writes:
Lenny Paton, Guy Hubbard, and Yulia Kucherenko took advantage of
perfect weather at Forbes on Saturday to attempt a declared goal to a paddock
just outside Hay; a distance of 313K.
As I sat in Lenny's car in Hay that evening, I heard him radio in, "Crossing
goal at 10,000 ft." A discussion between... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

Moyes twitter (Jamie's doing it)
Jamie Shelden's blog
Corinna's blog
Trent Brown's blog
Zhenya's blog
Timely Oz Report Updates on Facebook
Timely Oz Report Updates on Twitter

Nineteen knots gusting to twenty five at Wangaratta. Mt. Hotham was only thirteen knots gusting to twenty.
I called the day based on the task... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

Fifty seven pilot have signed up for fifty slots. Thirty have paid. The first fifty paid get their
slots, not the first fifty who signed up. The next seven and any pilots after
that will be put on a waiting list. If there are enough pilots to justify an
additional tug, if Jamie has access to an additional tug and tug pilot, and if she
wants... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Still no pilot list, so we don't know how many of you are coming to this meet
which takes place just before the Flytec Race and Rally. I'd say fifty pilots,
at least, should come to it, those who are coming to the Race and Rally.
It is a great time and a great spot for high level... mehr
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