Bjeshket e Grames, 1850 Meter

Talort: Korab, 1500 Meter
Höhenunterschied: 350 Meter
Streckenflug: Ja
Seilbahn: Nein
Windenschlepp: Nein
Walk and Fly: Nein
GPS Berg: 41° 46' 18.27'' N,20° 29' 56.18'' O
This area close to Korab mountain is a great place to fly, play and to go on XC. The pointed site is just one of several possible take offs. Wind from NW to SW is possible.

41 deg 46 min 18.2766 sec N
20 deg 29 min 56.184 sec E


The take off and landing are easy, almost every place is covered with grass. To get their is only possible by 4x4 with an experienced driver!

Besonderheiten und Webcam

Remote area, no rescue no support by any mountain rescue etc.

Walk and Fly

Ausgangspunkt: If you want to fly in this great area, please contact Pajtim Vranici, Tel. 00355 69 897 0226. Pajtim speaks albanian and perfect italian. The contact place to find him is Street House Peshkopi. Just ask for Pajtim Vranici, everybody knows him


Seilbahn: no
Fliegertreff: Street House Bar in Peshkopi
Unterkunft: Backpakers Hostel Peshkopi
Anfahrt: Contact Pajtim Vranici

Paragliding Fluggebiet Europa  ,Bjeshket e Grames,One possible take off
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One possible take off