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Don Guynn

Kim Holt Frutiger writes:

Our very close and dear friend, Don "Freeman Coyote" Guynn, gets our vote for
Super Hero of the year. He flies. He catches bullets with his teeth-almost. He
is protector extraordinaire.

On Monday of this week our boy successfully thwarted an armed home invasion.
Protecting himself, his girlfriend and her elderly mother from three armed
assailants. Donnie Boy took a bullet to the arm and then another to the throat.
He walked into the hospital on his own.

After many hours of surgery Donnie was airlifted to San Pedro Sula via nothing
less than a Black Hawk helicopter with military attendants. He was in critical
condition for a minute or two before deciding that that was bullshit.

Today a tracheotomy was performed and he is being weaned off sedation. The
feeding tube is not able to administer Pho or Miss J's Chinese food so he will
likely make them take that out soon. He is responding as we would expect.

When his girlfriend rubbed her boob on his hand he became agitated, eyes
fluttering, arms and legs twitching. I am sure that is not all that twitched.
Once he regains consciousness he is going to have one hell of a story to tell.
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