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On to Iowa

Flew from Cosmos, Minnesota (west of Minneapolis) to the airport
in Forest City, Iowa (just across the border) on Saturday. Launched late at 1:45
pm, but still did 138 miles in 6 hours landing at 7:30pm. Dusty, a local
paraglider pilot chased after me and picked me up very soon after I landed. I
had no idea someone was chasing me until after I had landed. I assumed I would
be there for hours, so that was an amazing surprise.

New personal best for flight time and distance. Also the latest in the day I've
landed on a cross country flight. It's been quite awhile since I've improved on
anything so that feels pretty good.

Comparing my track with others like Larry or Krzys the most obvious difference
is that my average climb rate over the flight is quite a bit lower, and my ratio
of circling to gliding is only 60/40 while they do around 50/50 or even 40/60.
So I'm definitely still lingering in thermals too long, and perhaps not finding
the core as quickly.

It looks like I'm gliding slightly faster on average as well. I need to get a
proper ballpark polar for my glider. I still haven't done that yet. I have
Aero's in there now but I have serious doubts about it's accuracy at least on my
glider and current wing loading.

Racing ahead:
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