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Florida officials approve $79 million in conservation land buys, including near Green Swamp

Looks like it does at Wilotree Park (when we are there).

Thousands of acres of natural land will be conserved under a
series of Florida Forever deals approved by the governor and state cabinet

The purchases, worth $79 million, cover tracts from Central Florida to the
Panhandle, including an easement of about 700 acres around the Green Swamp in
northern Polk County.

Doug DeNeve, conservation chair for the Tampa Audubon Society, said he has
helped with a bird count near that parcel, in an area he said includes pasture
and pocket wetlands.

Where there are trees, he said, he has seen woodpeckers, and the spot is
frequented by wading birds as well as grasslands species like meadowlarks. Most
of all, DeNeve said, he hopes the purchase helps the water supply.

“It’s a great place for water to sink in and recharge the aquifer,” he said.

Florida Forever is a land acquisition program that aims to conserve wild spaces
from development. Acquisition of the Polk County easement will cost $1.13
million and ensure it remains an open space.
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