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Wills Wing Sport 3 Penetration

Aaron Swepston writes:

Another fun day at Dog. I launched at whatever time it was, 5:15
or so? I didn’t check the time. First off for the evening round.

I got up to a reasonably low couple hundred over and headed for Elk. I wanted to
give the Sport 3 a good glide and penetration test. I crossed to Elk with a bit
of sink on the way, and made the ridge at the lowest rocks. There was light but
decent lift. Worked it up the ridge, eventually getting up above the peak of Elk
and then going to check out the huge clear cut on the other side.

Cruised back to Dog and got there at about the same altitude I was when I left;
at a couple hundred feet max. Flew with a baldy a bit out over the flats, cams
back and climbed up again.

Decided to cross to Elk again just to lose altitude to land, so I left lower
than the first time. Got over there lower still, but was tempted to get a little
boost before gliding to the LZ. It was still nice on the lowest point, so I
climbed up again, enough to come back to Dog with a healthy margin, then checked
out the bowl area to the shoreline.

There was good lift over the road leading to the cliffs, and I headed that way
for just a couple minutes before I reminded myself I needed to land and get
home. I headed back to Dog, got there above the point, which was working well,
and rejected the temptation to do it all over again.

Landed, watched everyone else flooding into the air, working the west side, then
testing out the north ridge before I hit the road.

This was intended to be another test flight to get a better idea of how well the
Sport 3 could “reach”. Fly it with the same sort of early, low altitude,
pre-glass off lake crossing, and see how well it would compare to my T2. I was
really surprised at how well it held a glide while crossing. It crossed easily
and really well, and was super fun the whole time. Amazingly well rounded
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