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USHPA Revokes Insurance Coverage for Flying at Two Sites

From the USHPA newsletter:

Removal of Insurance Coverage When Flying Certain Sites

Due to inadequate management of risks and exposure to potential liability,
USHPA's GL (general liability) and PL (personal liability?) policies no longer
cover USHPA pilots while flying at the following commercial flying sites:

Blue Mountain Ski Area

Horseshoe Bend Flight Park

To make the coverages that we have consistent with the USHPA SOPs, the USHPA
General Liability (GL) policy now explicitly states the following:

Member coverage for H1/P1 pilots and below only applies when these pilots are
operating under direct instructor supervision. Member coverage only exists when
operating within the USHPA operating limitations for the rating held by the
pilot and while flying gliders within the pilot's rated proficiency.

This resulted from increased incidents and accidents involving unsupervised
pilots rated below H2/P2 and pilots operating in conditions and/or with
equipment beyond those recommended for their ratings.

Insurance Cost Increased by $5 Per Member

Lawsuits by USHPA members against other members filed before the coronavirus
pandemic have resulted in a premium increase of $5/member for the 2020-2021
policy year. The USHPA board has decided NOT to raise dues in order to pay this
increased premium.

No Coverage When Using Property East of Soboba Flight Park

Due to an ongoing conflict with the property owner immediately east of Soboba
Flight Park, the USHPA policy excludes coverage for any member activity
occurring on that owner’s property. Pilots who use that property in any way are
not covered.
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