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Comparing the Naviter Blade to the Volirium P1

Much of this winter I have been flying with the Flytec 6030 and
the Volirium P1. I very much like the P1's vario tones compared to the 6030. I
like the 6030 for navigation, speed to fly and for final glide calculations.

Recently I started flying with just the Naviter Blade. Other pilots (Larry
Bunner, John Simon, and Greg Dinauer) who fly with me have also been using the
Blade, most often with other flight instruments. John and Greg raised issues
with the Blade's vario tones starting and stopping too abruptly. I hadn't really
noticed this.

I flew with it with this criticism in mind and saw that the tones were in sync
(so to speak) with the vario display. No sounds when the displayed showed zero
or less lift. I have the vario sounds set to sound when I was a 20 fpm climb

I then flew with the Blade and the P1 together. The Blade on the left and the P1
on the right. I turned down the volume on the Blade (it is quite loud at 100%)
to 80% so that I could turn both instruments without the Blade dominating.

They sounded almost exactly the same. The sound cut off and came back on at the
same time with each instrument. I liked the sound of the Blade the first time I
flew it and it was because it sounded just like the P1.

I also have the original XC Tracer. I like its sounds also. I'll fly with it and
the Blade and see if they are in sync.
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