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Behind the Scenes

If you've donated to the Oz Report you'll note that you receive a
thank you from Davis. We have always sent thank you's to those who have
supported us. We believe that it is important to tell supporters that we very
much appreciate their support. We couldn't afford to pay for the server and
technical support without your contributions.

So how do we get all these thank you's out the door?

1) Open up eM Cient, local email client software.

2) Clear out the InBox so that only emails coming from PayPal stating that
"You've Got Money" are displayed.

3) Open up our PayPal account in Firefox and display the recent activity, going
to the donation that corresponds to the earliest email from the day that has the
subject line, "You've Got Money."

4) Open up the transaction on Paypal for the earliest email and copy the
person's name to the contributor's spread sheet, which we have already opened in
a window on the computer. So far three windows. The text format of the name is
correct if we copy from PayPal web page of transactions.

5) Copy the person's email address from the PayPal transaction and click on the
email that PayPal sent regarding their contribution. Click Reply and change the
email address from PayPal's to the person's email address.

6) Click on another window which is a text window that has the message thanking
the pilot. Copy and paste the thank you to the email that we're going to send to

7) Add additional notes and their name to the thank you.

8) If they have made a special contribution, open up the Microsoft FrontPage
window (really old software) and add their name to the list of pilots with
special contributions. So many windows.

9) Repeated for all contributions for the day.

10) Upload the contributor's updated list to the Oz Report server.

Thanks for all your support.
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