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Point of the Mountain, Saving it

Tasha Lowery, Draper City Council, writes:

Hey Draper- I want to give you a heads up that Geneva has
submitted a new application. This is not a surprise- under the bill that was
passed last spring (HB288), cities and gravel pit operators were directed to
work together to find solutions and compromises, to preempt the state from
having to possibly step in and take control. This past summer and fall have been
a study period to allow all parties to come to the table. Different cities have
different issues- ours with Geneva revolves mainly around land use.

I have attached the link from Draper City, including the application below- it
will now follow the normal city standard process (Development Review Committee,
Planning Commission, City Council), but I will keep you posted as it moves along
and let you know my thoughts and insights. Please let me know yours too.

I will say that I have always believed some type of compromise, if it can be
negotiated fairly, is likely best. We have to remember that if this issue goes
back to the state, there is a fair chance they will come down on the side of
private property rights, enterprise, and economic development (critical
infrastructure materials). I do not say that out of fear but rather from the
reality of the situation. We were explicitly tasked by the state to work
together. That is the expectation. If we fail to do so- or refuse- I do not
think it would be in our best interest. To me, seeking places where we can give
a little to get what we most prize (protecting Draper and our residents) seems
the wise and prudent course of action.

There are some things we as a city and as residents would very much like to see-
protecting and preserving the entirety of Steep Mountain, front and back, is a
big one. This resolves the question of the V that could be cut into the face of
the mountain, the stability of homes on the mountain, and protects our identity
and history. Geneva is in a difficult spot- be it of their own creation- with
the highwall they have created on the Lehi border. The highwall is a safety
hazard and is not compliant with DOGM standards. Allowing them to access,
regrade, and reclaim this area may be worth consideration.

Those are my thoughts right now. As this moves forward and I have more insight,
they may change. Please let me know your priorities and opinions- this is an
important issue that impacts all of us.

I will keep you posted. Tasha Lowery

*** The cover picture of the application depicts four zones. Under the
application, 1 and 2 are the front and back of Steep Mountain, to be protected
as Open Space in perpetuity. Zone 3 would stay as A5, but would only be
developed as residential or commercial and must respect the Hillside Sensitive
Overlay. Zone 4 is the highwall area. ***
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