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Steve Kroop on the Naviter Blade

Steve Kroop at Flytec USA writes:

I am not sure why the STF value is off, I have not received any
reports until reading this.  I am copying this to Naviter.

"Unlike with the Flytec 6030 the pilot sets the McCready value before flight,
but they can change it in flight if desired.  On the Flytec 6030 the McCready
value is set as the average climb rate in the last thermal."

In actuality the 6030 does not set any McCready value, rather it indicates the
McCready value that you are actually flying as well as the long-period thermal
average on the vario dial so it is easy to see the McCready value you are flying
relative to your last thermal strength. It also provides an easy way to set the
acoustic McCready dead-band.  In my opinion, this is a great system and I have
been discussing this with Naviter and I understand that the plan is to bring a
similar system to the Blade

"There is a wind direction arrow indicator that is easy to see, but  with very
very small letters displaying the direction and wind speed.  They are almost
impossible to read."

You can resize the wind arrow in Menu > Settings > Symbol > drop-down menu >
wind.  However, this does not adjust the font size  for the numerical text for
speed/direction.  You can increase the size of that text in Menu > Settings >
Font > drop-down menu > map symbol font.  Also, In this same menu you can also
further increase the size of the font for Data field values and headings (as
well as all other fonts on the Oudie).

I have sent Steve additional information about the STF reading.
I'll see if these changes to fonts makes for better reading.
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