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XC Tracer

Lisa and Koni from XC Tracer sends:

We are pleased to present you our newest Vario, XC Tracer Maxx.

On the 18th of January we will be at the Thermikmesse in Stuttgart and will
present the new Vario there. Come by and let us surprise you!

On the weekend of the Thermikmesse on 18 / 19.1.2020 there will be a discount of
10% on all products in the webshop of
Pre-orders of the XC Tracer Maxx are now possible, but the discount of 10% is
only available for orders from 18 / 19.1.2020! The first XC Tracer Maxx will be
delivered end of February 2020. Delivery will take place in the order of the
orders received.

Simply fly intuitively: the new XC Tracer Maxx

• High-resolution B&W LCD, 536x336 pixels, perfectly readable

• Five different screens selectable, from simple screen to air spaces

• Simplest operation

• Instantaneous display of climbing/descent

• FLARM with transmission and reception of data, integrated antenna

• FLARM obstacle database (optional)

• FLARM Display of position and height of Buddies

• Data transmission via BLE to mobile phone/tablet/E-reader

• IGC and KML Logger, approved by the FAI for competitions

• Many compatible apps for Android/iOS

• Freely configurable sound settings/sound simulator at

• Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro/Baro/GPS/BLE/FLARM

• Running time with full battery at least 60h

• Firmware update via drag & drop

• Size: 92x68x18 mm

• Weight 120g

• Swiss made
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