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BGD Weightless

Bruce Goldsmith (Design) wants to encourage competitions that
don't encourage pilots to fly fully ballasted up. So he holds a competition once
a year that restricts equipment weight and amount of ballast (3 kg).

The BGD Weightless is a new concept for a paragliding competition.
An annual event, it will be based on weight as the theme. It is still an FAI
Category 2 competition, flying by FAI rules however,up to now flying heavy has
always been an advantage. This has resulted in heavy equipment and ballast for
competitions. BGD would like to change all this and encourage people to fly with
light equipment.

Remember, the event is a brand-new concept of competition where being big has
less of an advantage, and carrying excessive ballast will not help you so much.
We want to have a fun week where everyone feels like they have a chance of
scoring well, regardless of what they fly, and how heavy they fly.

The event will have weight limitations set accordingly:

Equipment weight maximum - 22kg*

Ballast maximum** - 3kg*

* Exceptions will be given where more weight is required for safety, ie being
underweight for the wing

** Ballast is considered as any additional weight you carry exclusively to
increase the wing loading, including but not limited to Water, Lead, Stones etc.
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