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The Endless Chain

What happens when you combine a background in fashion photography
with a daredevilish desire to fly a paraglider over the Canadian Rockies?

You end up with “The Endless Chain,” a documentary featuring Benjamin Jordan,
Canada’s only professional expedition paraglider pilot, pushing himself to the
limit and questioning societal definitions of masculinity while he’s at it.

That stretch of mountains had never before been paraglided before Jordan
attempted it, and the athlete remains cheerful throughout the film, playing his
ukulele and making new songs in the face of adventurous adversity.

“The trick to staying positive is making sure that you are doing what you love,”
he said.

Jordan was entirely on his own for the 1,200-kilometer journey and filmed the
whole project on GoPros, giving the film a unique and raw feel.

With several sponsors and five adventure travel documentaries before “The
Endless Chain” to support him, Jordan has been able to explore new challenges
and set world records with his paragliding expeditions.

“The Endless Chain” will be part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival at the end
of October.
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