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The FAI web site

Why is it when I go to the FAI web site,, and
click the Sports Tab, and then the Hang Gliding,,
a don't get a list of anything useful, like documents or meetings?

I can go to the bottom to the hang gliding web page to the FAI section and at
the bottom click documents. There I can click Hang Gliding and Paragliding.

Who is designing these web pages, the Three Stooges?

I want to find out who are the CIVL officials. Where do I go?

On this page: I click Officials and Experts. I get
Judges, Jury and Stewards. No actual CIVL officials apparently.

I do a Google search and find this page:, still no indication of who the CIVL
officers are.

I click CIVL/Meetings and go to here:

I find a picture of the CIVL Bureau (executive committee) and I know this is the
Bureau because I know some of these people and recognize them. I click the
heading below the picture and go to:

We get the Bureau members names which are not attached to their location in the
picture and no indication of what their job titles are.

I already downloaded the minutes of the 2018 Bureau meeting:
but that didn't help find out who was in charge of what. I already knew that
Stef was the president.

Sorry for the slight against the Three Stooges.
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