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Mitch Shipley

Katelyn Griffin writes:

So, the rumors are true. I brought Mitch to North Carolina to see
his best friend at Tater Hill for his birthday. It was intended to be a flying
adventure trip. We would fly Tater, maybe go to Thermal Valley, stay a few
nights in the cabins at Lookout – whole nine yards.

On the second day, he flew his paraglider and top landed. I flew my hang glider
and top landed as well. Couple beers to celebrate a great day. Then on
Wednesday, after an almost 2 hour flight, Mitch had an accident. He overshot the
approach. If you have ever flown Tater and landed at the bottom, you know it’s a
technical approach – especially for a hang glider, let alone a topless. He flew
over the road and into a cow pasture. This isn’t a smooth field and is also
very, very small. So when he got low enough, he drug his feet then skidded on
the base bar. He probably skidded for about 20-30 feet before the glider nosed
over. The only thing broken was his carbon fiber base bar.

He was in ICU with a hemorrhage (brain bleed) on the left side of his brain for
5 days. He also has an orbital fracture under his right eye and a pretty good
cut into his chin. Now he’s been cleared to be moved to primary care – which is
the in-patient floor. However, this is a busy hospital, so he hasn’t actually
been transferred yet since there isn’t a room to put him in. Things were scary
there for a while, so that’s why we kept it between family. Now, he’s
communicating, all of his organs are functioning well, his blood pressure is
under control, and he’s on pain medications only as needed! Things are looking
up and it’ll be a slow and steady road ahead.

Please feel free to put whatever good vibes (or whatever suits you best) into
the Universe you would like. If you feel the need, please reach out to me during
this time. Mitch has a lot to focus on right now – getting better and making
progress so it’s better to not give him the distraction for a little while.

This is public and I have permission from Kate to publish it.
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